CubeCab wins 2014 Lightning Pitch Competition and $20,000 Grand Prize

July 28, 2014

Cubecab has won first place and $20,000 in the 2014 NewSpace Lightning Pitch Competition!  The award was presented on Thursday by competition Project Manager, Tom Olson and by Jim Armor, VP, Strategy and Business Development, representing ATK, a long-time NewSpace BPC sponsor. The NewSpace Business Plan Competition, in collaboration with its sponsors  (ATK,  Heinlein Prize Trust and the Space Frontier Foundation) are excited […]

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Senate Attempting to Kill Commercial Spaceflight

June 13, 2014

Senate Attempting to Kill Commercial Spaceflight Call Your Representatives Now to Demand Cheap Access to Space Silicon Valley, CA - The Space Frontier Foundation calls upon Americans to stop efforts by US Senator Richard Shelby (R, AL) to critically damage the emerging commercial spaceflight industry. The Senate FY 15 budget proposals calls for excessive and costly bureaucratic […]

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2014 Lightning Pitch Competitors Announced

June 12, 2014

2014 Lightning Pitch Competitors Announced The NewSpace Business Plan Competition, in collaboration with its sponsors (The Space Frontier Foundation, ATK, and Heinlein Prize Trust) are excited to announce the competitors for this years’ unique program, the 2014 Lightning Pitch Competition.  Competitors are listed below, in alphabetical order. This years’ Lightning Pitch Competition is a novel […]

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The Settlement Enabling Test

March 18, 2014

The Space Frontier Foundation Releases a New Metric for Crafting Space Policy   Washington, DC – The Space Frontier Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new tool, the Settlement Enabling Test. This tool acknowledges that our fundamental goal in space exploration is large scale space settlement, and provides a way to determine […]

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A New Generation Takes the Lead at the Space Frontier Foundation

February 12, 2014

Board Announces Retirement of co-Founder Bob Werb and Election of Space Entrepreneur Jeff Feige as Chairman The Board of Directors of the Space Frontier Foundation announced today that Bob Werb, Co-Founder and long-time Chairman of the Board, has retired from the position, and that they have unanimously elected space entrepreneur Jeff Feige to take over […]

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M.A.R.S. Bound

December 11, 2013

Student Experiment Headed to the ISS on Antares Rocket When Amy McCormick’s class developed their science experiment studying Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), they could only dream of flying it to space. Their experiment won the Teachers In Space annual spaceflight contest and later this month, their dream will become a reality when it launches to […]

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Sustainability Is Not An Option

October 29, 2013

Space Frontier Foundation Laments $1.2 Billion J-2X Dead End Nyack, NY – The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) is distressed by the announcement that the J-2X Engine will never fly. NASA has numerous projects running on tight budgets that could have used the now-vaporized resources spent on J-2X. The engine was developed under NASA’s now-defunct Constellation […]

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NewSpace Business Plan Competition 2013 Winners Announced!

October 25, 2013

Silicon Valley, CA - Generation Orbit Launch Services has won first place and $100,000 in the 2013 NewSpace Business Plan Competition, presented yesterday by competition Project Manager, Tom Olson at Stanford University. Eligos, Inc earned second place in the competition, along with a $25,000 prize. 3rd place, and a $5,000* award were given to Raptor Space Services. Prospect […]

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Gravity and Space Debris – A Realistic Threat

October 16, 2013

‘Gravity’, the new movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts, has been getting lots of press for its amazing cinematography and depiction of life in Earth orbit. The stunning visuals, along with the characters’ actions in space combined with the lack of sound are completely believable. That isn’t to say the film was […]

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Cygnus Berthing Delivers on NewSpace Promise

September 30, 2013

Orbital Sciences Corp. Proves COTS Success by Delivering Cargo to International Space Station  Nyack, NY - The Space Frontier Foundation congratulates Orbital Sciences Corporation on a successful berthing with the International Space Station (ISS), proving that investment in the NewSpace industry pays off in a big way. On September 18, 2013 Cygnus launched atop the Antares rocket, and 11 days […]

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