January 1, 1994 Opinion, Our Non-Policy Voice

*************OPEN THE FRONTIER*************

Message 1 of the Frontier Files

Welcome to the Space Frontier Foundation’s E-Mail Essay series. Follow it and you will never think of space in the same way again.

We are sending this to you because one of our supporters thought that you would be interested in receiving these messages. If he or she was wrong then you need merely send a message to asking to remove you from the list. If, on the other hand, you want to learn more about some of the possibilities in store for the future of our civilization than all you need do is read — and hopefully think about — what we have to say.

(We urge you to read at least the first few messages before making a choice.)

We plan to send you a short (usually only one page) message approximately once a week. By now you’re wondering who we are. We will give you much more information later, but for now suffice it to say:

— We are a grass roots organization dedicated to the proposition that it is human destiny to expand beyond the Earth. We believe that this must occur within the next 50-100 years or it may never happen. Further, we hold that the current elitist nationalist space programs are not creating the conditions for a free and open frontier in space and must be replaced with ones that will.

— We have been published and/or written about in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Aviation Week, CNN, the LA Times, Reason, Omni, and dozens of other publications.

— We started in the United States less than ten years ago and have a track record in U.S. space policy and are taken very seriously by the space establishment, including NASA, Congress, and the White House. In fact, Foundation officers have been called on repeatedly to testify before Congress on space policy issues, and are helping form national space policy at many levels.

— We are considered to be the most radical legitimate space group in the world.


We in the Space Frontier Foundation see our civilization at a crossroads. Down one path is a future of limits to growth, environmental degradation and ultimately extinction. Down the other path lie limitless growth, an environmentally pristine Earth and an open and free frontier in Space.

The problem is that what we are doing now in space is going down the wrong path.

We see this as a time of choices and change. Not incremental change but fundamental, revolutionary change. Change every bit as important as the Copernican revolution of the 16th century. At that time we learned that we didn’t sit at the physical center of the Universe, that we had until then had an inflated view of our importance in that Universe. Now we are ready to take our place in our Galaxy as a Space Faring civilization. Or are we?

Our goal is to educate you about the issues facing the human breakout into space.

Welcome to the Revolution.

*************OPEN THE FRONTIER*************