Why space? — Personal Freedom

Why space? — Personal Freedom

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Why space? — Personal Freedom

Message 6 of the Frontier Files

c 1995, Rick N. Tumlinson

This message is part of a series of Space Frontier Foundation essays designed to inform the internet public about the incredible possibilities awaiting us in space.

In the last message we began a discussion of the concept of sustainable growth and its major fallacy – that continued growth and prosperity in the closed bubble of Earth’s biosphere is sustainable.

So what will happen to you in the planned “sustainable” future?

As the planet’s resources are managed in ever more detail to “sustain” the status quo you will slowly begin to lose your freedoms, because this thinking sees earth and human life upon it as a zero-sum game. Ultimately, nearly anything you want to do in a “sustainable” world will be something someone else cannot — and that will mean limits. Limits to when and where and how you travel, how much you consume, the size of your home, the foods you eat, the job where you work, even how long you are allowed to live. If the rest of the world is to become more wealthy in such a system, consuming more, you will be forced to consume less. Equilibrium will be the goal of the state and individual freedoms will become ever more expendable. Yet earth’s population continues to grow.

Since the assumption of the sustainable point of view is that the Earth is all there is, the question must be asked: What happens then? What happens when we hit the limit? If there is only so much pie to go around and there are more of us who want a piece, each new born human being will have to be satisfied with a smaller slice of the pie than those before.

Thus we face a choice of futures. Do we continue on our spiral of consumption, pollution, waste and environmental destruction? Do we adopt Big Brother and accept an ever growing bureaucracy managing our lives as we spiral toward our inevitable dead end? Or do we blow open the cage and create a new frontier of ever-expanding possibility?

By opening the space frontier we toss out the limits. There is unlimited energy, resources and real estate to be had only a few hundred kilometers away: straight up.

The question before us is simple. Expanding choices or contracting freedoms.

Limits or life. Frontier or failure.

In the next messages we will begin to lay out the promise of the Frontier, why we are not realizing that promise, and how we can.

*************OPEN THE FRONTIER*************