You can’t go (Previously Unreleased Article)

You can’t go (Previously Unreleased Article)

You can’t go

by James A. M. Muncy

(c)1994 Space Frontier Foundation

This message is the <TBD>  in a series of Foundation essays designed to inform the internet public about the incredible possibilities awaiting us in space.

Twenty-five years after Jamestown was settled, farmers were spreading deep into Virginia. Twenty-five years after Lewis and Clark’s explorations the covered wagons were rolling west. Twenty-five years after the Wright Brothers flew people could buy a ticket.

But twenty-five years after Americans first went to the Moon, you can’t go into space. And not only that, people who want to do business in space, who want to set up factories and create jobs can’t do it. Scientists who want to carry out experiments can’t do it. And there’s no evidence this will change in your lifetime.

If this makes you mad, then do something about it. Join with others who are tired of talking and waiting. We created the Space Frontier Foundation to do something about it.

The Foundation exists for one reason: to achieve an open frontier in space for you and me. We are not for or against NASA, space stations, missions to Mars, or Saturn probes. We’re for opening the frontier. Now. Period.

And right now it isn’t happening. So we’ve declared war on the status quo. Leisurely incremental progress isn’t good enough for us anymore. Going along with the system, hoping things will change someday, isn’t an option anymore. Selling out our dreams just to be accepted isn’t thinkable anymore.

This is a war about ideas, about beliefs, about visions. Either space is a frontier or it’s a playground. And frankly, we’re tired of people playing games with our future, and our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

If you’re tired too, then join with us. Today. Don’t put up with things as they are one minute longer. Contributing $25 ($35 overseas) or more makes you a Foundation Donor, and includes periodic issues of Space Front to keep you up-to-date about the Foundation’s work, including ways you can help.

To support our efforts, send your tax deductible donation to:

The Space Frontier Foundation

16 First Avenue

Nyack, NY 10960

When you do you’ll be taking an effective action to open the space frontier and make possible a hopeful future. For you… for your family and friends… for everyone.

James A. M. Muncy