“Space: Open for Business” Conference on Commercial Space opportunities to be Held in Los Angeles in November

“Space: Open for Business” Conference on Commercial Space opportunities to be Held in Los Angeles in November

October 6, 1997 Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA, October 6, 1997 – Come join leaders of the new space business revolution November 7 through 9 at the Sheraton Gateway Airport Hotel in Los Angeles, and be among the first to hear about the next wave in the opening of space, as the transformation from government program to exciting new frontier begins. Held by the Space Frontier Foundation, a national space policy organization, this, the sixth conference in an annual series, will focus on opportunities for investment in space exploration and development.

The event will also feature frank discussions about commercializing the space station and national space fleets, and enlightening presentations on new markets such as space burials, private space planes, and the emerging space tourism industry. Other topics will be the commercial exploration of the Moon and Mars, recent plans to privately capture and mine asteroids, and proposals to use space solar power to compete with today’s coal and nuclear energy systems. NASA and Air Force managers will join leaders from the space industry to discuss the possible prizes and pitfalls of this new business sector, with a focus on the relationship of today’s government space program, regulations and policies to the new civilian space enterprises.

Guest speakers will include such notables as House Space Sub-Committee Chairman Dana Rohrabacher, former astronauts turned entrepreneurs Pete Conrad (Apollo 12) and Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17), Mars advocate Robert Zubrin and the world’s top robot builder, Red Whittaker (Carnegie Mellon University).

Co-Sponsored by the Air Force’s Phillips Laboratory, a spotlight will be aimed at the radical innovations in space plane technologies and services being offered by the newest generation of rocket firms. The Foundation will be bringing together the heads of several of these new firms with government agency leaders who need their services, to discuss means of working together to develop cheap access to space, and how to get that access to the people, the key to the new frontier.

According to Foundation President, Rick Tumlinson “Whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur, a space reporter or working on a movie about our future, this is the one place to be this year. It’s like the day before the computer revolution. This stuff is real, it’s beginning right now, and it will soon change our civilization forever.”