Revolutionary Rockets and Space Development to be Discussed at Conference in Los Angeles, CA

Revolutionary Rockets and Space Development to be Discussed at Conference in Los Angeles, CA

September 4, 1998 Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA, September 4, 1998 – Nearly thirty years ago, man first set foot on the Moon. Conventional wisdom says it’ll be at least another thirty years before private citizens will routinely live, work, and play in space. But there is a revolution underway, fueled by the power of free enterprise, that is speeding up the opening of the greatest human frontier of all time. It will change your future. If you want to get the inside story, then join the space pioneers who are leading the way at Space Frontier Conference 7. This will be held over Columbus Day weekend, October 9-11, 1998, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Los Angeles International Airport, CA.

“This conference is THE EVENT for anyone who wants to understand or become a part of the human breakout into space,” says conference chair Kerinia Cusick. “We’re assembling key leaders – from CEOs to congressmen, NASA managers to national reporters, financiers to film makers, scientists to science fiction writers – all of whom are passionate about making the routine use of space a reality.”

Entitled “Space: The Revolution Is Now!” and presented by the Space Frontier Foundation, the conference is co-sponsored by: FINDS, the Foundation for the Non-Governmental Development of Space; ProSpace, the citizen’s space lobby; and Rotary Rocket Company. A partial list of confirmed speakers includes:

– Dr. Buzz Aldrin, CEO of Starcraft Boosters Inc. and Apollo 11 Astronaut; – James Asker, Washington Bureau Chief for Aviation Week and Space Technology;

– Dr. Alan Binder, Principal Investigator of the Lunar Prospector Mission; – David Brin, Hugo Award winner and author of “The Postman”; – Charles “Pete” Conrad, Chairman of Universal Space Lines and Apollo 12 Astronaut;

– Rene Echevaria, Producer of Star Trek/Deep Space Nine; – Gary Hudson, CEO of Rotary Rocket Company; – Dr. John Lewis, Co-director of the NASA/University of Arizona Space Engineering Research Center;

– Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Chairman of the House Space & Aeronautics Subcommittee;

– Joe Rothenberg, NASA Associate Administrator for Space Flight; – Dr. Harrison Schmitt, Helium-3 expert from the University of Wisconsin and Apollo 17 Astronaut, the olny Astronaut/Scientist to walk on the Moon.

“This is the only conference where you will find such an eclectic mix of visionaries sharing ideas and taking steps to turn exciting visions of space into reality,” continued Cusick. “Whether you are an entrepreneur with a dream, an investor with a desire to capitalize on this exploding industry, a job seeker looking to work for an innovative company, or a citizen who is tired of the gloom and doom scenarios painted for tomorrow and simply wants to know what the next century will really look like – you need to be there!”

Full admission to this 3 day conference is $180 for those who register by September 10, 1998, and $220 thereafter. This rate includes all receptions, luncheons, and the Awards Banquet. General admission and student rates are also available. Send Press Registration inquiries to