Historic Roton Spaceship Rollout to be Webcast Live

Historic Roton Spaceship Rollout to be Webcast Live

February 25, 1999 Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA, February 25, 1999 – The historic rollout of the prototype for America’s first privately financed spaceship will be carried live on the web. The Space Frontier Foundation, an international space policy organization announced plans to broadcast the March 1 ceremonies as they happen at the Mojave Spaceport, north of Lancaster, California, near Edwards Air Force base. Said Foundation President Rick Tumlinson, “The rollout of the Roton represents the beginning of a new era in space, and if it is successful will lead to access to space not just for astronauts, but for ticket purchasing passengers – and within a couple of years, not decades.”

The rollout event, available for viewing at http://rollout.org, will feature noted author Tom Clancy, Space Frontier Foundation President Rick Tumlinson, Rotary Rocket Company President Gary C. Hudson, and NASA and FAA officials.

The Rotary Rocket Company, the Redwood Shores, California company building the Roton, plans for its pilots to fly the initial prototype within the atmosphere as a first step towards a later vehicle intended to reach orbit. Possible cargo for this orbital vehicle will range from telecommunications satellites to passengers.

The Space Frontier Foundation is a national space policy organization dedicated to opening space to human settlement as soon as possible. The Foundation, which coined the term “Cheap Access to Space,” has led a campaign to bring the cost of space transportation down for almost a decade.

The March 1 webcast will be recorded for playback after the Mojave event ends.