Los Angeles Space Frontier Conference Fires Up Entrepreneurial Agendas for Business in Space

Los Angeles Space Frontier Conference Fires Up Entrepreneurial Agendas for Business in Space

August 6, 1999 Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA, August 6, 1999 – The Space Frontier Foundation, the leading national advocate for the commercialization of space, brings to Los Angeles its 8th annual conference, “Launching The Space Millennium.” Conference goers will meet entrepreneurs and government space policy makers driving new ventures in space while mingling with America’s authors and Hollywood personalities. Every year the conference has been a premier meeting place for industry players to debate, partner and invest in new and innovative opportunities for tomorrow. Aerospace professionals, venture capitalists, space enthusiasts and the public will attend the conference, scheduled September 23-26 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at LAX.

“From the new generation of cheap and re-usable space planes to asteroid mining firms and space hotel companies, the space industry is in a state of change and flux not seen since its dawn over 30 years ago,” said Foundation President Rick Tumlinson. “Every year the conferences have been a hotbed for developing new and exciting business alternatives that ultimately will throw open the doors for individuals to travel in space.”

The conference offers a rare, behind-the-scenes look at unfolding plans that will shape commerce in the next millennium. The conference provides venues for an interactive, town-hall approach for shaping the future, such as one evening session that deliberates space property rights in a mock trial setting. Another session offers a first-hand experience with legendary science fiction and fantasy writer Ray Bradbury, who as luncheon speaker will forecast life in space. Numerous conference sessions will feature pioneers making headway to privatize space travel.

Speakers include:

Dr. Buzz Aldrin, CEO, Sharespace & Apollo 11 Astronaut

Gary Hudson, CEO, Rotary Rocket Company

Dr. Alan Binder, Lunar Prospector Principal Investigator

Mike Kelly, Chairman, Kelly Space & Technology

Dr. Kenneth Cox, NASA/JSC

Dr. John Lewis, University of Arizona

Dr. William Gaubatz, Universal Spacelines

Dr. Wendell Mendell, NASA/JSC

Dr. Tom Gehrels, University of Arizona

Jess Sponable, Universal Spacelines

Manny Vega, FAA/AST

Many conference sessions often develop breakthrough agendas for tomorrow and evaluate progress made to date. Topics include:

Day One:

Cheap Access to Space, a space transportation symposium.

Asteroid Impact Research Symposium, sponsored by The Watch.

“Who Owns Space? Get Off My Rock,” a mock trial about space property rights.

Day Two:

Doing Business on Space Stations

Commercial Space Pilots – Who Will Be Our Pilots?

Day Three:

Beyond The Horizon – Advanced Technologies and Breakthroughs

Citizen Explorers and Space Tourism

Hollywood and Space Gala

Day Four:

The Moon, Mars, Asteroid Utilization, Cities in Space, And Beyond!

Now in its eighth year, the Foundation’s annual awards program recognizes and honors both Hollywood luminaries for communicating an empowering message of manned space travel to the public and aerospace pioneers for making commercialization of space a reality. Industry leaders also leverage the gathering of insiders to issue key announcements. Some highlights from recent Space Frontier Foundation annual conferences include:

1998 The Watch, a non-profit organization staffed by the nation’s first-class experts and dedicated to the monitoring of Earth orbit-crossing asteroids to prevent impact scenarios, was established and funded.

1997 The Foundation and FINDS (the Foundation for the International Non-Governmental Development of Space) announced a $250,000 prize for the first completely private launch of a 2 kg payload to an altitude greater than 200 km.

1996 A leading space transportation company raised $5 million in capital at the conference. Also, the creation of FINDS was announced with an initial endowment of $5 million.

1995 Dr. Gene Shoemaker and Col. Pedro Rustan made the first public announcement of analysis results from the surveyor Clementine indicating that water ice was found on the Moon.

Attendees can register for the conference online by visiting the Foundation’s web site, or by calling 1-800-78SPACE. Costs for the four-day conference: $75 till Aug. 16; $100 till Aug. 31, and $150 after Sept. 1. For students: $50 till Aug. 16; $75 till Aug. 31; $100 after Sept. 1. Special conference lodging rates are available before Sept. 1. Call the Sheraton Gateway, 310-642-1111 to reserve a room.