“Extreme Space” Competition Offers Space Innovators Cash Grant Awards

“Extreme Space” Competition Offers Space Innovators Cash Grant Awards

September 8, 2000 Press Releases

Extreme Space is anything but status quo.

Los Angeles, CA, September 8, 2000 – “Extreme Space” will be the focus of a competition for $15,000 in grant money to be awarded at the Space Frontier Foundation’s annual conference, in Los Angeles this October 19-22.

“There is a great need for new blood in the space field. We want to stimulate young, innovative scientists, engineers, designers and artists,” said the Foundation’s President, Rick Tumlinson. “Extreme Space is more than technology or business plans; it’s about pushing the edge of what is possible for humankind in space.”

The competition will be run as a session at Space Frontier Conference IX (SFC9), a four-day conference that brings space entrepreneurs, policy makers, scientists and enthusiasts from all over the world together to meet, network, and create a new vision of space as a frontier for human settlement. The “Extreme Space” competition is being administered and co-sponsored by Princeton’s Space Studies Institute, and the grant prizes are being provided by FINDS, the Foundation for the Non-Governmental Development of Space.

“The Foundation is not about supporting your father’s space program,” continued Tumlinson, “and Extreme Space is anything but status quo. We’re looking for exciting, compelling ideas and projects to reward.”

“Extreme Space” is open to college undergraduate and graduate students – or anyone under the age of 30. Abstracts were accepted until September 10, and finalists will present their papers for judging at SFC9 on Saturday, October 21.