Tumlinson to “Revolutionize” Space at Griffith Observatory

Tumlinson to “Revolutionize” Space at Griffith Observatory

September 20, 2000 Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA, September 20, 2000 – The Griffith Park Planetarium and Observatory will present Rick Tumlinson, the man who saved the Russian Mir Space Station, on October 16, 2000, 7:30 pm, to speak on “The Space Revolution – The Rise of the Space Frontier Movement.” The event is open to the public, and is sponsored by Friends Of The Observatory (FOTO) and the Space Frontier Foundation, a Los Angeles-based space policy organization.

“The space revolution will make the dot.com revolution look like a tea party!” said Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation president. “The recent NBC-TV ‘Survivor in Space’ deal with MirCorp is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Co-founder of Netherlands-based MirCorp, Tumlinson recently sold the first ticket for a private citizen, Dennis Tito, to fly into space. He is Executive Director of the Foundation for the Non-Governmental Development of Space (FINDS), a $25 million-dollar private endowment to fund otherwise-overlooked space research. Tumlinson also helped create LunaCorp, a private company that recently announced a partnership with RadioShack to fly the first commercial mission to the Moon. He has written extensively on the subject of private enterprise in space and has testified before Congress on numerous occasions.

“A host of new companies and organizations are preparing missions into space and to other worlds,” remarked Tumlinson. “The question is, “how do we make the transition from space being entirely in NASA’s domain, to making it a place for all of us?”

“By 2099,” he continued, “the opening and settlement of space will have forever changed what it means to be a human being. “It’s time to redefine our relationship to space and to those whom we’ve entrusted to open it.”

Tumlinson’s appearance heralds the ninth Space Frontier Conference, being held later the same week at the Marriott Hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA. Conference sessions run from October 19-22; topics include commercial space transportation and lunar ventures, space tourism, Mars exploration, and the asteroid detection project “The Watch.”

For more information on the conference, call 1(800) 787-7223, or see http://www.space-frontier.org/Events/SFC9/. Friends of the Observatory conducts fundraising for Griffith’s renovation, and hosts speakers on selected Monday nights throughout the Fall; general admission is $5. For more info call (818) 846-3686.