Congressional Candidate Speaks Out at Space Frontier Conference

Congressional Candidate Speaks Out at Space Frontier Conference

October 10, 2000 Press Releases

Jerry Doyle will speak at Space Frontier Conference 9. Photo courtesy Doyle for Congress.

Los Angeles, CA, October 10, 2000 – Actor and congressional candidate Jerry Doyle, who starred as “Michael Garibaldi” on the hit television series, Babylon 5, will address attendees of the Space Frontier Foundation’s ninth annual conference on Saturday, October 21, at the Marriott/Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles, CA.

Doyle, Republican candidate for representative from California’s 24th congressional district, has issued a position paper on space exploration, and believes in the Foundation’s basic tenet of promoting free enterprise in space.

“We share Mr. Doyle’s interest in looking beyond our small planet when

considering the future of mankind,” said Michael Heney, Foundation conference chairman. “As the exploration and opening of the space frontier shifts from the public to the private sector, we believe that space policy must be a part of the public dialog.”

“Our spirit for exploration and scientific understanding must be fulfilled,” remarked Doyle, whose previous career in business and finance includes a ten-year stint on Wall Street in investment banking. “We must lay the foundation in order to inch costs down for the free market to help move humanity along,” he continued.

Space Frontier Foundation’s conference will include speakers and panel discussions on space transportation, legal and policy challenges, solar power, doing business on space stations, extreme space, space habitats and resources, and citizen exploration and space tourism. For more information or to register for the conference, to be held October 19-22, see, or call 1-800-787-7223.

Space transportation will be the focus of several panels at Space Frontier Conference 9. The conference will be held October 19-22, 2000, at the Manhattan Beach Marriott, located near LA’s International Airport (LAX).