Lunar Experts Plan Permanent Human Settlement on Moon

Lunar Experts Plan Permanent Human Settlement on Moon

March 20, 2001 Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA, March 20, 2001 – Experts in lunar science, engineering, urban design, and life support will gather at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, July 19-21, 2001 to create a blueprint for permanent human settlement of the Moon. Hosted by the Space Frontier Foundation, the Return to the Moon III conference is cosponsored by the Foundation for the International Non-governmental Development of Space (FINDS), National Space Society, Space Studies Institute, International Space University, and American Astronomical Society (AAS). Dr. Mike Duke of the Lunar and Planetary Institute and planetary scientist Dr. Wendell Mendell are confirmed as conference chairs. Author Ben Bova, Apollo 10 and 16 astronaut John Young, and Apollo 17 astronaut and former Senator Harrison Schmitt are confirmed as speakers.

“It has been so long since humans have been to the Moon that some believe the landings were faked,” remarked Space Frontier Foundation President, Rick Tumlinson, when asked about the timing of the conference. “It is time to make good on the legacy of Apollo; it is time to return to the Moon – this time, to stay.”

With recent cutbacks to NASA’s human exploration budget, government and private cooperation will be critical to any near-term lunar missions. The conference will revisit older work done on lunar missions and base design with today’s technology in order to determine the cost and viability of collaboration.

“The Moon has fallen from NASA’s radar screen,” said conference chair Mike Duke. “This conference will contribute to identifying the rationale and objectives that can bring industry and government together to explore the Moon for science and commerce.”

Unlike its predecessors, Return to the Moon III will take a systems-integration approach to lunar base design. After a day and half of presentations, audience members will be invited to join experts in finding “best-fit” solutions – the most functional base design, rather than the most advanced technologies, which may not work well together.

Abstracts on any aspect of lunar base design may be submitted to the Space Frontier Foundation before May 4, 2001. For submission guidelines, please contact the Foundation at 1-800-787-7223.

Abstract deadline extended till May18! Be included in this historic Lunar Conference!

“The National Space Society recognizes the Lunar Development Conference as an excellent opportunity to develop strategies and define the commercial potential for human exploration and settlement of the Moon.” – Frank Sietzen, Editor, Ad Astra