Bechtel, Forever Bound, LunaCorp to sponsor “Return to the Moon III” Conference

Bechtel, Forever Bound, LunaCorp to sponsor “Return to the Moon III” Conference

July 5, 2001 Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA, July 5, 2001 – The Space Frontier Foundation today announced the addition of Bechtel National, Inc., Forever Bound, and LunaCorp as sponsors for this year’s “Return to the Moon III” Conference to be held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 19-21, 2001.

Foundation President Rick Tumlinson said the new sponsors bring added strength to an already strong field of sponsors. “Our conference brings together all the best minds in the lunar settlement industry. These three organizations are key players and we’re pleased to have them on the team,” he said.

Bechtel National ( is a premier worldwide builder of large construction projects. Recent projects include: Space Launch Complex 3 (California), Channel Tunnel Rail Link (UK), the Mayakan Pipeline (Mexico), the Meizhou Wan power plant (China), and many others.

Forever Bound develops space themed entertainment to enable real space projects. William M. Boland, originator of Forever Bound, LLC, said, “The Near Earth/Moon system is the immediate economic and operational proving ground. In low Earth orbit and on/around the Moon provides ample opportunity for us to be the explorers, enjoyers, and entrepreneurs we need to be. There we will build essential confidence in techniques and direction, while delivering the key people market. The enthusiasm and activism of space people, faithfully cultivated, and borne of in space experiences, will provide whatever fuel to sustain our inevitable reach outward. Mars will wait until we are ready. It is not either/or, but when and why,” he said.

LunaCorp is developing ways to open lunar exploration and settlement to the general public via tele-exploration with Moon robots. “RadioShack is our first sponsor for this effort,” said David Gump, LunaCorp President. “Last month, RadioShack premiered the first TV ad shot on the International Space Station, which we set up for them. With our partners at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, we are developing lunar robots to be remotely operated by armchair explorers on Earth, who will experience the lunar adventure in high-resolution Internet video and also at science centers equipped with our ‘telepresence’ portals.”

Other sponsors of this year’s conference include Las Vegas-based Bigelow Aerospace Corporation, FINDS, The National Space Society, Space Studies Institute, International Space University, AIAA, AAS, and The American Society of Civil Engineers.