2003 International Space Development Conference Hosts Space Enterprise Event Sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation

2003 International Space Development Conference Hosts Space Enterprise Event Sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation

June 9, 2003 Press Releases


Los Angeles, CA, June 9, 2003 – On May 24 and 25, 2003 the Enterprise Project sponsored the Entrepreneurial Track at this years International Space Development Conference. This was one of the most heavily attended events of the ISDC.

On Saturday morning May 24 the start off program was the Space Enterprise Panel event featuring the following:


Rafe Needleman – currently a columnist for Business 2.0, he had formerly been the Editor-in-Chief for Byte Magazine, he also wrote ‘Catch of the Day’ which was a daily column for Red Herring regarding technology start-ups.

Panel members:

Joseph Pistritto – an experienced investor who has invested in Space related start-ups including Constellation Services International as well as Xcor.
Peter Diamandis MD PHD – founder of the International Space University, founder X-Prize and CEO of Zero-Gravity.
Frederick Giarusso PHD – currently CEO of Angenous Limited and software and consulting company, former founder, member of the Board and CFO of Rotary Rocket.
Thomas Olson – CEO of the Colony Fund, a proposed closed end mutual fund designed to invest mainly in space related start up companies.
Mark Bunger – research analyst at Forrester Research.

Rafe did a great job in guiding the panel through the various aspects, successes and pitfalls of investing in space start-ups as well as a lively discussion of the industry in general and where it may be headed.

Also on Saturday, Sam Coniglio headed up the Space Tourism panel which included the following presenters:

Peter Diamandis for both the X-Prize and Zero Gravity
Chris Faranetta of Space Adventures
Architect Paola Favata on designing hotels and other large structures in space.

The rest of the Entrepreneurial track was comprised of presentations by:

Rich Pournell for Xcor
John Powell for JP Aerospace
Michael Laine for Liftport the Space Elevator Company
Thomas Olson for the Colony Fund
Larry Evans for Space Camp Turkey and well as The Space Place proposed in Long Beach
Don Robinson on space commercial development

I’d like to acknowledge and thank the National Space Society, in particular Pat Montoure for affording us this opportunity. I’d also like to acknowledge the hard work and participation of other members of the Foundation in executing this production: Rich Pournell for furnishing us many useful contacts; Sam Coniglio for taking care of the Space Tourism Panel and his photographic endeavors, some of which will appear on the Foundation’s website; Rafe Needleman for his excellent moderation of the panel and preparation beforehand as well as the panel members for their enthusiastic participation: John Spencer and Larry Evans for their work in Space Tourism and Space Camp presentations; Brook Mantia and James George for their ongoing efforts at supporting the Enterprise Project.

Our next event will be at Space Frontier Conference 12 on Oct. 10-12, 2003 at the Sheraton Four Points in Los Angeles, California. If you would like to participate either on the committee or as a presenter please let me know.

– Robert Hillhouse, Space Enterprise Project Manager