Foundation Mourns Tragedy at Brazil Launch Complex

Foundation Mourns Tragedy at Brazil Launch Complex

August 25, 2003 Press Releases

Los Angeles, August 25, 2003 – The members of the Space Frontier Foundation offer their condolences to the families, friends and co-workers of those lost at Brazil’s Alcantara Space Center on Saturday.

“This tragic event serves as a reminder that space launch is a dangerous business, not only for those who fly in space, but also for all those who work on the ground,” said Tony DeTora, the Foundation’s Executive Director. “These people were taking on the greatest challenge of our time, reaching the high frontier of space, and those who seek to conquer such a challenge are heroes to us all.”

“Such tragic events remind us of other heroes who fell while trying to reach for the stars,” stated DeTora. “The grief we feel is strong, but so is the desire to meet that challenge, and to redouble our efforts to take these next steps to meet the greatest of goals.”

He further added: “The loss is an enormous one for Brazil, as most of these fallen heroes were top scientists of Brazil’s efforts to join the small group of space-faring nations. The greatest tribute that Brazil can make is to continue its work and fulfill the commitment of these heroes on their nation’s space programs.”