Moon Conference to Boost New Space Age – Stellar Gathering of Experts, Innovators and Entrepreneurs Plan Moon, Mars and Beyond

Moon Conference to Boost New Space Age – Stellar Gathering of Experts, Innovators and Entrepreneurs Plan Moon, Mars and Beyond

July 8, 2004 Press Releases


Los Angeles, CA, July 8, 2004 – The agenda for the first and largest public Lunar settlement conference since President George W. Bush’s announced goal of establishing an American Lunar Base was released today by the lead sponsor, the Space Frontier Foundation, a non-profit space policy organization. To be held July 16-18, 2004, at the Westin Casuarina Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, the fifth “Return to the Moon” (RTM V) conference and workshop will assemble a literal Who’s Who of Lunar exploration innovators and entrepreneurs and feature presentations and discussions on many of the controversial issues raised by the president’s speech in January.

Presenters and speakers include conference Co-Chairmen Andrew Chaikin, author of A Man on the Moon: The Triumphant Story of the Apollo Space Program, and Rick Tumlinson, founder of the Space Frontier Foundation. Also featured are Astronaut/Moonwalker/Shuttle Commander Captain John Young, Dr. George Mueller, Director of the NASA Apollo Moon landing program, Dr. Paul Spudis, Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond, Courtney Stadd, former NASA Acting Director, and many others. To view the RTM V Preliminary Agenda, click here. To view RTM V speakers’ bios, click here.

Following on the heels of the recent history-making flight of SpaceShipOne, the first private manned space flight, these exciting and motivational experts will address a spectrum of RTM issues, from Lunar base and spacecraft design, to Lunar business ideas, to no-nonsense debates on such questions as: Can a hoped-for American Moonbase avoid the dismal precedents of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station? How can it be made affordable and permanent? What is the private sector’s role? What is NASA’s role?

“The Space Frontier Foundation has been in the forefront of the Return to the Moon movement for years,” declared Tony DeTora, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation. “We support this new direction in space and believe that the next American space program must reach out beyond the old space establishment for innovative ideas and solutions.”

“This conference will be the defining gathering point for the public discussion of President Bush’s call for a Moon base as a stepping stone to Mars and beyond,” said Manny Pimenta, the RTM V Conference Manager. “We hope to continue the dialogue started by the Moon, Mars and Beyond movement between the people and the government.

Rick Tumlinson, Foundation Founder, conference co-chairman, and long-time RTM advocate and activist who has testified before both the House and Senate numerous times on space policy issues, added, “This (Moon, Mars and Beyond movement) is the most important change in space policy since Kennedy started the Apollo program. If it can be implemented without much new spending, avoid becoming a political football, and if NASA can be changed enough to do it right, we will see the first human settlement on the Moon in our lifetime.”

Corporate sponsors of RTM V are Radio Shack (, Space Island Group (, Lunar Architecture (, Apogee Books (, SpaceDev (, National Space Society (, LunaCorp (, Space Age Publishing Company/Lunar Enterprise Corporation (, the Moon Society (, Optech ( and Ballard Communications (