The Space Event of the Summer! Space Frontier Foundation Announces NewSpace 2006 in Las Vegas

The Space Event of the Summer! Space Frontier Foundation Announces NewSpace 2006 in Las Vegas

April 5, 2006 Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA, April 5, 2006 – The Space Frontier Foundation announced it is combining its long running Return to the Moon Lunar Development Conference and its annual fall conference into one large event, NewSpace 2006, in Las Vegas during the week of July 20th. Commemorating the anniversary of Apollo and humanity’s first steps on another world and celebrating the rise of a NewSpace movement that is opening the frontier to everyone, NewSpace 2006 will build on a foundation of exploration and point the way to the human settlement of space. Running from July 19-22 at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, NewSpace 2006 will feature different leading edge subjects each day. A variety of sessions will draw a variety of speakers and attendees, from entrepreneurs building new rocketships and new space companies to space enthusiasts who want to learn about this exciting new movement, to people who want to go themselves.

“The permanent opening of space heralds a renaissance in human history,” said the Foundation’s Rick Tumlinson. “NewSpace 2006 will honor our roots in the exploration programs traditionally led by governments, while bringing them together with the entrepreneurs, visionaries, and leaders of the NewSpace Revolution to discover ways we can all work together to achieve our goals.”

As forums of an open frontier in space, the Foundation’s events are gathering places for the leaders and insiders who are creating a whole new breed of space firms designed to open space in our lifetimes. From the so-called “thrillionaires” to small entrepreneurial start ups, those “in the know” will join those “wanting to know” in a unique and intimate gathering in a city known for taking risks, in a place that was, like space, once seen as empty and dangerous to life.

“We are creating synergies,” said conference manager Krysta Paradis. “Anyone can throw a conference, but the Foundation’s events are the tribal gatherings of the NewSpace movement, drawing pro-frontier leaders from all aspects of the space community. There will be noted speakers from NASA, astronauts, scientists, business people and investors mixing with visionaries, engineers, designers and those who just want to go out there themselves, all talking to each other plainly and directly in a casual and fun environment.”

Foundation conferences are characterized by their intimacy, focus and shared experience approach. The first full working day is Thursday July 20th – “Moon Day”. Following the NASA Exploration Workshop this spring, where government planners, Foundationers and others engaged in discussions about going back to the Moon and on to Mars, Moon Day will focus on how to stay there. Featuring a prize based contest to design commercial payloads for an early Moon lander, concepts like mining, processing resources, infrastructure development, property rights and the roles of NASA and the private sector will be discussed with a spotlight on ways to enhance the NewSpace community’s involvement in this great adventure.

Friday will be the first of two NewSpace Days, entitled “Enabling NewSpace.” It will be a hard-nosed, roll up your sleeves meeting of leaders of the NewSpace industry grappling with pressing and important issues and opportunities. NewSpace business people, spaceport operators, investors and government officials who are trying to keep up with the pace of growth and change in this exciting field will discuss investment, marketing, business planning, and concerns like regulation, insurance and taxes.

The Friday night Black Tie Banquet will feature celebrity guests and pay homage to the heroes of Apollo and early space exploration and business. Honors will go to the best presentation of space in films, TV and commercials, from Hollywood and Madison Avenue, and awards for the greatest accomplishments in Space Journalism and Vision to Reality will be presented.