In Memorial: Dr. Vladimir Syromiatnikov – Hero of the Frontier

In Memorial: Dr. Vladimir Syromiatnikov – Hero of the Frontier

September 25, 2006 Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA, September 25, 2006 – The members of the Space Frontier Foundation are greatly saddened by the passing on September 19th of one of Russia’s great space heroes, and a friend of the Foundation, Academician Vladimir Sergeevich Syromiatnikov. The Foundation salutes Dr. Syromiatnikov, and offers its deep condolences to his family, friends and co-workers at RSC Energia and in the Russian space program.

“Vladimir was a true friend of the Foundation,” said Bob Werb, the organization’s Chairman of the Board. “We always enjoyed having him at our conferences, his smile and laughter will long remain with us – as will his belief that we must all work together if we are to succeed in our quest to open space.”

Dr. Syromiatnakov was one of those who came from the very beginnings of the Russian space program, he saw it all, he was part of it all, and yet, he also saw the future and embraced it. He never stopped reaching out to us, and he always had a hundred new ideas for how to open the frontier. He attended several Foundation conferences, often at his own expense, and was the first to extend his hand to NewSpace firms trying to reach across for our friends in Russia as we all reached to the stars.

“Vladimir was the first Russian to join our team in the effort to save the Mir,” said Rick Tumlinson, a founder of the Foundation and leader of the Keep Mir Alive project. “He stepped up and, working with Joe Carroll and our team, made the case that we could and should save the station. We stood side by side in that battle, and a finer comrade I cannot imagine. His is another giant shoulder we can all stand upon in this great work. He will not be forgotten.”

Dr. Syromiatnikov, along with several other members of the Mir team at Energia, was awarded the Foundation’s Vision to Reality award in 1999 in recognition of their part in saving, at least for a short time, the Mir space station – in partnership with several Foundation members.

Dr. Syromiatnikov’s last book is listed below. We encourage you to buy it.

100 Stories About Docking and Other Adventures in Space and On Earth (New English Edition, Autographed by the author). by Vladimir Sergeevich Syromiatnikov (with Preface by Academician Boris Chertok and index), 2005, 630p., Universitetskaya Knigam Moscow, Hard Cover, ISBN 5-98699-014-5, $85.00 (signed); $70.00 (unsigned)

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