A New Foundation Generation

A New Foundation Generation

November 17, 2008 Opinion

For most of our history, Foundationers have overwhelmingly come from the Apollo generation. We grew up at a time when it was easy to believe that we would see an open space frontier before we were old. It was easy to believe that we could make a significant contribution to making our dreams become reality.

There are two very good reasons why our community has attracted many fewer of the generation that followed. First, at the age when people make decisions about what they will focus their lives on, the space situation looked hopeless. And second, the idealism that was so popular when we were young seemed naive, even foolish, in an era of cynicism and greed. Both of these have changed and as a result we are experiencing an influx, even a flood, of a new generation.

We are particularly pleased that both of our two most important leadership positions are now held by people under 30. Since the beginning of the year, Will Watson has been serving as our Executive Director; and since the summer, Berin Szoka has been our Chairman of the Board.

These young leaders have not only been stimulating and inspiring a new generation. They have also been stimulating and inspiring a number of us who were, quite frankly, pretty burned out. In recent weeks you’ve seen a rebirth of our press operation, as we put out press releases more than once a week, including a series, which has garnered a good deal of attention, on how to close the gap. Our new website is finally starting to roll out. If you haven’t started using the forums, you should. If you want to assist in building the public parts of the site, let Will or Berin know. And, in weeks ahead we will be starting a new group blog and many other initiatives.

The Space Frontier Foundation is back, bigger and better than ever and as always, we need your help.

Starting this week you, and a few thousand others, will be receiving a series of messages from Berin and Will telling you about some of the things we are doing and asking for financial support. We urge you to reward and encourage their hard work by putting aside worries about financial uncertainty and giving as generously as you can.

James Muncy
Rick Tumlinson
Bob Werb