We Need Your Help for a New Place in (Cyber)space

We Need Your Help for a New Place in (Cyber)space

November 25, 2008 Opinion, Press Releases

The Space Frontier Foundation is in the midst of the exciting, yet daunting, task of building an entirely new website and importing over twenty years of content.  To you this will mean:

  • Easy-to-use forums, where the NewSpace community can discuss and create new projects and manage partnerships
  • SpaceFront: A group policy blog with frequent postings by leaders in the NewSpace revolution
  • Weekly podcasts
  • A streamlined user interface
  • Video and presentation archives from past conferences and events
  • Greater organizational transparency
  • Opening up participation to a much larger, global audience
  • The ability to search our huge library of content

We have been able to raise enough money to get started with a beta website. But our resources are limited; we need your support to finish what we’ve started.

A new team of young and energetic Space Frontier Foundation leaders have taken over our web presence. This is your opportunity to provide this team of volunteers, and quasi-volunteers, with the funds we need to even more effectively propel more than just the human spirit into space. Every $100 donation to this effort enables us to buy a half-day service with a quasi-volunteer, yet very skilled and professional, web technician. In addition, if you are web-savvy and willing to share your time, please contact William Watson.

Please help us by making your most generous donation today.