We need a cultural cruise missile

We need a cultural cruise missile

December 4, 2008 Opinion

We need a cultural cruise missile for putting an end to all governmental launch, everywhere and forever.

We don’t simply want to kill Ares.  We don’t only want to generously fund COTS D.  We want to unleash the power of free enterprise and never ever see any government anywhere develop, build own or operate a launch vehicle

We want to do this to:

  • Close the Gap
  • Save taxpayers money
  • Create jobs
  • Make free people secure

Here are some i don’t much like:

  • Earth to Orbit Transportation: Commercial Now and Forevermore
  • Affordable and Sustainable Space Launch
  • Capitalism to orbit
  • The market economy doesn’t stop at 62 miles
  • NewSpace to Orbit
  • Commercial Orbital Transportation for Everyone COT E
  • Anything with the acronym EIRHNH, EIRENE or IRENE (the Greek Goddess of peace)

Can you do better?


  • Edward.Wright says:

    “NASA needs to step up” (to the ticket counter).

    “Sustainable space transportation.” (“Sustainable” is going to be everyone’s favorite word for the next four years.)

  • Edward.Wright says:

    “Why buy a cow when milk is cheap?”

  • webtaz99 says:

    “Sustainable” is going to be everyone’s favorite word for the next four years century.

    I fixed that for you. 😉


  • Bob Werb says:

    I did a small market test at the diner table with 6 people in thier teens and 20s.  Not one recognized NewSpace: Leave the lifting to us as a reference to Greyhound.  In spite of this, every one of them immediately got the general idea we were after.  I’m thinking a broader test is in order.

  • JamesR says:

    I didn’t catch any reference to Greyhound, and I’m in my mid 20s.  I like it.

  • bboland says:

    Government Surrenders Space to the rest of us. (just off the top of my head – will work on more.)

  • bboland says:

    NewSpace is a private place. Launching to orbit is a private matter. Governments make lousy launchers.

  • Edward.Wright says:

    “Bouncing around on the Moon was a blast. Everyone should go!” — Pete Conrad “

    If space exploration is important, why should it be limited to NASA?”

  • wmboland says:

    When the private sector can launch everything why should the government launch anything?

  • Alfred Differ says:

    Time for another non-space generation?


    The last time man walked on the Moon, CPU’s ran at 1/2 megahertz and had 3,500 transistors.

    Today they run at over 3,000 megahertz and have over 700,000,000 transistors.

    But we can’t get back to the Moon.



    Not cruise missiles I know. Just fodder.

  • Alfred Differ says:

    The line I usually use with friends goes like this…


    Where is my flying car?

    Where is my ticket to the Moon?


    Not very original, but they get it pretty quick.

  • bboland says:

    Bob W. and I have been working this back and forth and Bob liked this one. Other thoughts?

  • Edward.Wright says:

    Not too bad, but Greyhound is generally perceived as transportation of last resort for people who can’t afford better. That’s probably not the way we want NASA to view us.

    Also, I don’t think we can just assume people will understand “lifting” includes passengers as well as cargo.

  • Edward.Wright says:

    “Cheap tickets to space”?

    As in “NASA should buy…”, “private industry should sell…”, etc.


  • MarkSonter says:

    Count me in!


    There have been enough changes since I wrote my thesis for a revisit…