We Need Your Help for Teachers in Space

We Need Your Help for Teachers in Space

December 7, 2008 Opinion

The Space Frontier Foundation’s Teachers in Space project aims to launch hundreds of accomplished teachers into space and immediately return them to the classroom.

Teachers in Space joins together a team of people motivated by twin desires to improve education and open the space frontier. For education, Teachers in Space attracts gifted new teachers into the classroom, inspires and motivates the ones who are already there and makes the case for studying math and science to kids in a very compelling way. For NewSpace, Teachers in Space increases the market for suborbital spaceflight, exposes young people to the Overview effect and radically changes the public perception of the suborbital spaceflight revolution, making it much more than “joy rides for rich guys.”

Teachers in Space already has five flights donated by five different launch service start-ups (Armadillo Aerospace, Masten Space Systems, PlanetSpace, Rocketplane Ltd., and XCOR Aerospace) and is accepting applications for its Pathfinder program. (The deadline is December 2nd. If you are a teacher who want to go into space the application is at http://www.teachersinspace.org.)

Like everything the Space Frontier Foundation does, Teacher’s in Space goes nowhere without the dedication of our staff and volunteers. If you are willing to dedicate your time, please contact Project Manager, Edward Wright at volunteer@teachers-in-space.org . Especially in these tough economic times, our organization depends on the generous contributions from those who share our vision of opening the space frontier. We ask that you take the time to follow the link below and make a donation. Every $50 – $100 makes a huge difference toward the advancement of our dream-making projects.

Please Make A Donation at https://spacefrontier.org