We Need Your Help to Change the World!

We Need Your Help to Change the World!

December 10, 2008 Opinion

The Space Frontier Foundation exists to change the course of history by fighting the battle of ideas. We pound away at failed government programs, work to put “Teachers in Space,” host social events to build the NewSpace community, and are working to build a better web presence. It’s all part of our efforts to spread the message about the amazing opportunities awaiting us all on the Space Frontier.

We have attracted attention lately with our Space Solar Power white paper, which was released for comment by the Obama transition team and we expect other papers we submitted to the transition team to be released soon. You can preview our unreleased transition white papers on Scribd:

At the same time, we’ve released a series of press releases about human spaceflight capability after the Space Shuttle is retired in 2010. We’re interested in the gap that really matters — between current U.S. government capabilities and a future in which Cheap Access to Space will make it possible to harness the vast resources of the Solar System to protect the Earth and support a freer, more prosperous life for future generations! CATS is the key to unlocking the potential of Space Solar Power. We’re working on multiple fronts to get Washington focused on policies that will advance NewSpace, like buying commercial human spaceflight services (instead of building another NASA “White Elephant”) and fully funding COTS-D.

We’re using a variety of tools to “Advance NewSpace.” We reach journalists and policy-makers with press releases; we engage investors at the Space Investment Summits; we encourage educators by supporting Teachers in Space; we keep the public well informed by publishing NewSpace News; and we have even built relationships with poets and the literarti through the CosmosReview. To achieve the Foundation’s goal of “changing the conversation about space” — from one focused on “space as a program” to a new one focused on “space as a place” of limitless opportunity — we must change minds one at a time.

Please help us to help NewSpace by making a tax-deductible donation today! If you’re on Facebook, you can show your commitment to opening the space frontier (for free!) by becoming a supporter of the Foundation’s new “Causes.” Take the extra step of making a donation to one of these causes (by credit card) to help inspire others to do the same.


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