We Need Your Help to Party: The Fun Way to Advance NewSpace

We Need Your Help to Party: The Fun Way to Advance NewSpace

December 2, 2008 Opinion

“Don’t miss the Space Frontier Foundation’s hospitality suite; it’s always an event of legendary proportions. Might as well cancel your hotel room and plan on watching the sunrise with some of the most eloquent and passionate leaders of the NewSpace revolution. This group really epitomizes ‘work hard – play hard.'”

– David Livingston, The Space Show

The Space Frontier Foundation is famous for its conference hospitality suites and networking events from Paris to New York, Vegas to Abu Dhabi. Two decades of important business and social relationships within the NewSpace community have taken root at our parties. And what better way to meet new friends and future business partners than in a relaxed atmosphere over a drink or two?

Hosting great parties is central to the Foundation’s mission of “Advancing NewSpace,” as each such event is an opportunity for us to create a closer-knit commercial space community, capable of banding together to fight for policies that encourage investment in entrepreneurial space companies. Additionally, through organizing networking events at various institutions and conferences around the world, Foundation Advocates and members make new allies awakened to the amazing progress and promise of space privatization.

The Space Frontier Foundation’s Hospitality Suites have also become a feeding ground for 20- somethings excited about space. A Space Frontier party is where Cheap Young Talent meets Great NewSpace Opportunities. Whether you’re a student looking for an exciting internship/job or a NewSpace start-up seeking bright enthusiastic help, you should not miss the next Space Frontier Foundation party.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Foundation networking event, then we hope to see you again in 2009, and that you’ll take this opportunity to return the favor. Without your continued support it will become even more difficult in these tough economic times for the Space Frontier Foundation to be represented around the world and to organize these important social gatherings.

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