Ilan Ramon Scholarship Project Launches Vision 2015

Ilan Ramon Scholarship Project Launches Vision 2015

January 27, 2009 Partner News, Press Releases

A Campaign to Select Exceptional Israeli Graduate Students for the International Space University NASA Ames Research Center Summer Program

As part of an annual campaign to identify and assist in funding three exceptional Israeli graduate students, Space Frontier Foundation Advocate Michael Potter, member of the International Space University (ISU), Board of Trustees, has announced a matching scholarship endowment fund. The International Space University, will hold its 2009 Summer Space Studies Program at the NASA Ames Research Center in Northern California. According to Potter, “This is a historic moment to achieve an international impact with a few select, but very talented Israeli graduate students. Israel must play on the international stage, if it wants to join with other nations in leading the development of space technologies and activities.”

The Israeli Nano-Satellite Association (INSA) is the official institution in Israel, responsible for recommending Ilan Ramon Scholarship candidates, preparing students for their participation at the International Space University, and for organizing Israeli ISU graduates and alumni activities. According to INSA’s Daniel Rockberger, “We are working to ensure that the International Space University continues to have a powerful and positive impact on the future of Israeli space technology and leadership.”

The Ilan Ramon Scholarship & Endowment at the International Space University is seeking the generous participation of those that cherish and value the nation of Israel, its education and technology. The matching scholarship is intended to encourage other contributors to donate funds for these outstanding Israeli scholars.

Over the next six years we will seek to identify 18 world-class students to participate in the two month Space Studies Program organized by ISU. This program is held every summer in different countries and locations around the globe.

The scholarship was established to honor the memory of the first Israeli astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon, who died while courageously exploring the final frontier of space. Ramon made the ultimate sacrifice while living his commitment to space and to international cooperation amongst the nations of the Earth.

The purpose of the scholarships is to attract talented young Israeli students with backgrounds in technology, science, medicine and other disciplines, allowing them to continue their pursuit of knowledge on the international stage. At ISU, they will join with academic, government, and industry colleagues from around the world who recognize the promise of space exploration, development, and technology to advance and improve both life on Earth and beyond.

This scholarship is a commitment to creating the building blocks that are necessary for Israel to establish a leadership position in the global space community and marketplace.

ISU, with a central campus in Strasbourg, France, provides graduate-level interdisciplinary training to the future leaders of the world’s space efforts. Since its inception in 1987, more then 2,700 students from more than 100 countries have graduated from ISU’s two-month Space Studies Program and its one-year Master of Space Studies Program. The 2006 Summer Session was held in Strasbourg, France. The Summer 2007 Session was held in Beijing China. The Space Studies program for 2008 was held in Barcelona, Spain. The 2009 Space Studies program will be at the NASA Ames Research center in Silicon Valley, California

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