Speaker List Revealed for NewSpace 2009 Conference

Speaker List Revealed for NewSpace 2009 Conference

July 1, 2009 Press Releases

The Space Frontier Foundation is proud to announce the list of speakers presenting at the NewSpace 2009 Conference. Industry leaders and visionaries will cover topics focusing on future space ventures on Saturday, incorporating the corporate side of the Newspace industry on Sunday, and envisioning our next giant leaps on Monday. The speakers will culminate the weekend with a look forward to future of mankind’s presence in space and by paying tribute to the past with the Apollo Anniversary Gala.

The conference is a unique chance to assess the thoughts and plans coming from the leaders of the Newspace movement. Discover the entrepreneurial plans behind recent interest in returning to the moon from such pioneers as Dr. Robert Richards of Odyssey Moon Limited. Is space solar power truly viable and are the suborbital flights fueled by hope or hype? Eric Anderson of Space Adventures, Taylor Dinerman of the Wall Street Journal, and others can help you find the answers to such questions during the conference programs and Q & A sessions. Dr. S. Pete Worden, Director of NASA Ames Research Center, is tentatively scheduled for a keynote and panel discussion Monday night entitled, Where Do We Go From Here? Be a part of the discussion interpreting why successful and non-successful NewSpace companies turned out the way they did with Rex Ridenoure and help guide the future of the high frontier.

Below is a partial list of the fascinating presenters you will have access to as an attendee of the conference. Visit the NewSpace 2009 website for a complete list.

Shubber Ali – Accenture

Eric Anderson – Space Adventures

A.C. Charania – SpaceWorks Engineering

Paul Damphousse – National Security Space Office

Ken Davidian – FAA/AST

Peter Diamandis – X-Prize Foundation

Taylor Dinerman – The Wall Street Journal

Art Dula – Heinlein Prize Trust

Esther Dyson – EDventure Holdings

Paul Eckert – The Boeing Company

Robert Jacobson – Desert Sky Holdings

Dr. John Lewis – Nasa Ames

David Livingston – The Space Show

Dr. Jim Logan – Space Medicine Associates

Gary Martin – NASA Ames

Charles Miller – NASA Commercial Space

Dr. David Morrison – NASA Ames

James Muncy – PoliSpace

John Olson – NASA ESMD

Michael Potter – Paradigm Ventures

Bob Richards – Odyssey Moon Limited, Isle of Man

Rex Ridenoure – Ecliptic Enterprises

Guillermo Söhnlein – Space Angels Network

Dennis Stone – NASA COTS

Rick Tumlinson – SFF Founder

John Vornle – Long Term Capital

David Webb – Honored Guest

Bob Werb – SFF Founder

Steve Zornetzer – NASA Ames

Registration for the conference is available at the NewSpace 2009 website until Friday, July 10th, which also provides information about our group rate ($99/night) at the Domain Hotel in nearby Sunnyvale, California.

For more information about the Foundation, conference, and registration, visit www.spacefrontier.org – or RSVP on Facebook today!