Intern with Us in DC this Summer – Deadline: January 31

Intern with Us in DC this Summer – Deadline: January 31

January 22, 2010 Press Releases

Attention all college, graduate and professional students (and recent graduates)! The Space Frontier Foundation is participating for the first time, in the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program, run by the Institute for Humane Studies—which is dedicated to advancing free market ideas. The application deadline is Sunday January 31.

So join us this summer to help us transform space exploration from a government-owned bureaucratic program into a dynamic and inclusive frontier open to people, ultimately leading to large-scale, permanent space settlements. Internship duties would include helping to write policy papers and op/eds about core policy issues and using the web and social media to market the organization’s ideas. We’re especially interested in finding people with backgrounds in policy, law and advocacy. In particular, we’ll be focused this summer on:

  • Promoting market mechanisms for incentivizing orbital debris cleanup
  • Studying policy strategies for helping NewSpace companies
  • Requiring the government to buy space services on a commercial basis, rather than compete with the private sector
  • Removing tort exposure uncertainty for commercial, human spaceflight companies
  • Space property rights

Apply today and make sure to indicate your interest in interning with us!

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