ProSpace March Storm

ProSpace March Storm

ProSpace March Storm 2010 starts this Sunday, February 28th in Washington, DC! If you plan to attend but have not sent in your registration, please do so by visiting the March Storm Registration Page

ProSpace is proud to present the 2010 Citizen’s Space Agenda. Teams of dedicated volunteers will brief Congressional offices on these vital issues that will determine the future of commercial space development for our Nation.

The theme of this year’s agenda is “New Directions, New Jobs.” With this agenda ProSpace calls upon Congress to make both the technology investments and regulatory reforms needed to promote a vibrant and growing commercial space industry. These actions will promote the creation of thousands of new high-paying jobs here in the United States.

2010 Citizen’s Space Agenda Action Items:

ITAR reform:

  • Support an addition to the Senate version of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act: the authority to remove widely available satellite systems and components from the ITAR list.
  • Make certain that the bill presented to both the House and Senate for final passage retains this provision that is so vital to American international competitiveness.


  • Require NASA to focus its human space flight development programs on technologies and processes designed for travel in space beyond low earth orbit.
  • Support robust funding for space exploration technology demonstration projects.

Commercial Services:

  • Support the transition to commercial crew and cargo services for the International Space Station.

Annual ProSpace Meeting:

This year, the annual ProSpace general meeting will take place after dinner Monday, March 1st, from 6-8 pm at the Capitol City Brewing Company near Union Station. Dinner’s fixed price menu costs $25 per person, drinks and tip extra. To attend the dinner, please RSVP Frank Johnson as soon as possible. Joining the dinner is not required for attending the annual meeting.

ProSpace March Storm Hotel Information

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