Yuri's Night NYC

Yuri's Night NYC

April 7, 2010 Press Releases

NYC’s Annual Underground Party with the Stars is Back!

Saturday April 10 at Manhattan’s Club DROM, the Space Tourism Society will host their 4th Yuri’s Night gala featuring a mashup of science presentations, performance art, original fashion, special-effects costumery, underground dance music and space-themed video imagery.

The evening launches at 7pm with an open bar VIP cocktail hour. Mingle with today’s space and entertainment luminaries including Bob Werb (Space Frontier Foundation Chairman and co-Founder), Dr. Denton Ebel (American Museum of Natural History’s Curator of Meteorites), Dr. Gregory Matloff (CUNY professor of Astrophysics), William Watson (Space Frontier Foundation Executive Director), Jeff Krukin (NewSpace Advisor to the North Carolina Aerospace Alliance), Michael De Dora (Executive Director of the Center for Inquiry, New York), Carol Pinchefsky (Editor of SpaceFuture.com), John Huntington (CUNY professor of Entertainment Technology and Sound Designer for the Tribeca Film Festival), Kenji Williams (violinist and creator of BELLA GAIA™), Flynn (Master of the New York Jedi) and Elizabeth Kennick (New York Chapter President of the Space Tourism Society).

General Admission opens at 8pm and includes a door prize sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation of free registration to their annual NewSpace conference, held this year in Silicon Valley, CA and valued over $500.

Claire Sanders, graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, presents an all-original fashion show featuring space-themed cruisewear for the discerning space tourist: swimsuits by Keriann of ‘Evening Ladies, milinery by EdithandIvy.com, space dress by Raya, and more…

Composer and violinist Kenji Williams, with his string and vocal ensemble, performs “BELLA GAIA™ Live”, a poetic vision of Earth from Space. Developed in collaboration with NASA, BELLA GAIA is a celebration of Planet Earth and the music of our world, performed by a live ensemble coordinated with gorgeous satellite imagery. “BELLA GAIA is just beautiful. It really felt like I was back in space”, said Piers Sellers, NASA astronaut and spacewalker.

The evening continues with prog-rock/jazz/funk fusion trio Consider the Source, all-new choreographed lightsabre battles by the New York Jedi stage combat group, space trivia game from SpaceFuture.com, DJs, dancing, a midnight toast, and presentations from our VIP guests on topics including using teraforming technology to repair environmental damage to Earth.

Yuri’s Night NY will be streamed live on the internet as part of an annual worldwide celebration of humanity’s future in outer space. Other locations for concurrent parties include NASA Ames, Washington DC, Sydney, Stuttgart, Montreal and more. Yuri’s Night and related events inspire, inform, and provide a venue for a new generation to network about space exploration.

“Yuri’s night is more than a really good, global party,” said Bob Werb, Chairman of the Space Frontier Foundation. “It is also an opportunity to celebrate the huge rewards human civilization has gained from sending people into space, the fantastic opportunities that remain before us… and a really, really good party.”

“As a human, I reason that the human exploration and habitation of space are necessary endeavors, and ultimately one and the same. It is my hope that human communities will act in concert to speed this endeavor, regardless of their ‘public’ or ‘private’ nature. As a scientist who studies the rocks drifted into our orbit from far off places, I hope explorers visit those places in my lifetime. The optimism and potential of the NewSpace enterprises are welcome fuel for that hope.”

-Dr. Denton Ebel, Curator of Meterorites, American Museum of Natural History

Purchase Tickets

Admission: $25 advance, $30 door, $65 VIP early admission (7pm) cocktail reception.

Date: April 10, 2010 8pm-4am general admission, 7pm VIP admission

Venue: Drom, 85 Ave. A @ 6th St., New York, NY [http://www.dromnyc.com]

Event Website: http://www.yurisnightny.net

Press Photos 2009: http://www.spacetourismsocietyny.org/yurisnightphotos.html

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Elizabeth Kennick
Space Tourism Society New York