Manhattan Hosts Two Space Events, Saturday, June 12

Manhattan Hosts Two Space Events, Saturday, June 12

June 10, 2010 Press Releases

The Space Frontier Foundation is proud to participate in two NYC NewSpace events on Saturday, June 12th, 2010.  If you live in or plan on traveling through the NYC-area, please make every effort to attend and show your support!


NewSpace Film Series

June 12th @ 10AM

Explorer’s Club New York Headquarters

Join us as Richard Garriott, famed Explorer/Astronaut/Entrepreneur, speaks about his flight to the International Space Station (ISS) via Russian rocket. From secret training in Moscow, to a rumbling launch from Kazakhstan, to twelve glorious days onboard the ISS, Mr. Garriott will regale the audience with his trip into outer space and his views on new and exciting commercial space efforts.

This Explorers Club “Special Event” will include discussions by Richard Garriott along with the viewing of two exhilarating films – “Orphans of Apollo” and “Richard Garriott – Man on a Mission.” Additionally, Will Watson from the Space Frontier Foundation will field questions about Mir and the making of ‘ Orphans of Apollo.’

Attendees receive 10% off the June 26 Space Adventures Zero G flight out of Boston!

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June 12th @ 8pm

2nd Floor of the Time Hotel
224 West 49th Street & Broadway

The New Blue Rider’s1st Art Show in Outer Space
Fashion Shows and Live Performances
Featuring the CLUSTERFUNK BAND with Phoenix Rivera on Drums
launches into orbit.

Founder of the New Blue Rider’s, Laurance Rassin,
will be the 1st American artist to travel into outer space!

Meet Moshe Gabbay, space agent for Valarie Wilson Travel
& find out how you can book a flight aboard


Portion of Art Sale Proceeds Benefit:
The Space Frontier Foundation

For Reservations or more information email:
LAUNCH@LOUNGEBARSNYC.COM or call 212-956-7020.