Tickets Available for VIP Lunches at NewSpace 2010 Conference

Tickets Available for VIP Lunches at NewSpace 2010 Conference

July 6, 2010 Press Releases

NewSpace 2010: Ready for Takeoff. Graphic credit: InSpace Media

Lunch Events to Provide Insight and Networking Opportunities

The Space Frontier Foundation is pleased to announce the exciting lunch events at the NewSpace 2010 Conference. The lunches will include presentations hosted by VIPs in the space industry and a chance to network with other space professionals. The story behind Orion Propulsion will be told on Friday, as former CEO Tim Pickens shares his unique insights on creating a successful space company. Saturday’s lunch will discuss current investment strategies in the commercial space industry from the perspective of the leading investment firm, Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Finally, Sunday’s talk will feature LaserMotive, a one-of-a-kind company that’s pioneering wireless power technology and won NASA’s $900,000 Power Beaming Challenge. Tickets are limited and available for purchase online now.

Friday 7/23 – Lunch with Tim Pickens: Creating a Successful Space Company

What is necessary to create a successful space company? Tim Pickens, founder of Orion Propulsion (acquired by Dynetics), will discuss which skill sets and strategies are important when launching a space start-up, as well as how to formulate a solid business plan and how to forge your way in a developed industry.

Saturday 7/24 – Lunch with Joshua Raffaelli: Investment in NewSpace

From the perspective of an investment firm, what does the NewSpace industry look like? Joshua Rafaelli is an Associate and Kauffman Fellow at Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a firm that provides early-stage venture capital for companies, including SpaceX. He will discuss where and why investment companies are currently placing their bets and how to attract them to your start-up. The lunch will begin with an introduction from Paul Eckert, International & Commercial Strategist within the Space Exploration division of The Boeing Company and Executive Coordinator for the Space Investment Summit Coalition.

Sunday 7/25 – Lunch with Tom Nugent: The Story of LaserMotive

What is the potential of space-based solar power? LaserMotive is a Seattle-based company developing laser power beaming systems to transmit electricity without wires, for applications where wires are either cost prohibitive or physically impractical. In 2009, LaserMotive won the $900,000 Level 1 prize in the NASA sponsored Power Beaming Challenge. Tom Nugent, founder of LaserMotive, will tell the story of how it all started, and where it’s headed.

Register now for the conference and purchase VIP lunch tickets at the NewSpace 2010 Registration Page. The conference will be held at the Domain Hotel, which also provides a discounted rate for all guests attending the conference. For more information, visit and RSVP on Facebook today.

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