Tickets Available for NewSpace 2010 Awards Gala

Tickets Available for NewSpace 2010 Awards Gala

July 8, 2010 Press Releases

Awards Ceremony Honors Stars of the NewSpace Industry

graphic credit: InSpace Media

Join the Space Frontier Foundation in honoring this year’s winners of the NewSpace Awards at the NewSpace 2010 Awards Gala on the evening of July 24 in Silicon Valley, CA. This “Academy Awards of Entrepreneurial Space” will be a star-studded event featuring steely-eyed rocketeers, futuristic thinkers, and space enthusiasts from all around the world. As the NewSpace 2010 Conference highlight event, Gala ticket availability will be limited and the online promotional rate ends July 21st.

It is an exciting time for the commercial space industry and the NewSpace Awards Gala is a chance to celebrate this success with the best in the industry. The NewSpace Awards recognize outstanding achievements toward advancing NewSpace and opening the space frontier. Whether through media or rocket fuel, these leaders are catalyzing the commercial space movement. The Space Frontier Foundation Board of Directors recognizes their achievements in five categories:

  • Vision to Reality is awarded for outstanding achievement in the development and operation of a device, system, or entity that forwards the opening of the Space Frontier. The 2009 award was given to SpaceX.
  • Pioneer of NewSpace is for an early leader and pioneer in the creation of the NewSpace industry and who has left a lasting legacy. Last year’s pioneer was Dr. Pete Worden of NASA Ames Research Center.
  • Vision of the Future is given for outstanding achievement in presenting the possibilities of the Space Frontier to the general public. The “Vision of the Future” was captured best by the blockbuster Star Trek in 2009.
  • Best Presentation of Space is for outstanding achievement in highlighting past and present events in space exploration and development. In 2009, it was awarded to the History Channel documentary series The Universe.
  • NewSpace Journalism is for outstanding achievement in journalism spotlighting NewSpace. The communicator recognized in 2009 was Dr. Charles Lurio for The Lurio Report.

View more pictures and descriptions of past winners.

Register now for the conference and purchase Gala tickets at the NewSpace 2010 Registration Page. As this is a formal event, eveningwear is recommended. The conference and Gala will be held at the Domain Hotel, which also provides a discounted rate for all guests attending the conference. For more information, and RSVP on Facebook today.