"Vision of the Future" and "Best Presentation of Space" Winners Announced

"Vision of the Future" and "Best Presentation of Space" Winners Announced

July 15, 2010 Press Releases

Awardees Bring the Final Frontier Home

The winners of the Space Frontier Foundation’s “Best Presentation of Space” and “Vision of the Future” awards have brought the possibilities and realities of space exploration to the public, sparking imaginations around the world. Fiction and non-fiction features play a role in informing and inspiring mankind to pursue its future in space and with these awards, contributions to both are recognized. The awards will be presented at the NewSpace Awards Gala, the signature event of the NewSpace 2010 Conference in Silicon Valley, CA on July 23-25.

2010 Vision of the Future Award

“Vision of the Future” award goes to the independent movie Moon. The film, directed by Duncan Jones and released in 2009, was chosen for its outstanding portrayal of a possible future for humans in space. This award is given when a fictional film or TV show combines frontier enabling space technologies and/or cultural institutions with a captivating story within the realm of reality or possible reality. The winners inspire today’s generation that our future in space is not only possible, but also an exciting prospect.

“Our voters chose Moon because they enjoyed the intriguing presentation of a nearer term future based on real economic concepts,” said Space Frontier Foundation Founder, Rick Tumlinson. “Moon had strong competition for this award from Jim Cameron’s Avatar, a great cautionary tale of the wrong way to interact with those we may encounter as we expand into space.”

The award, given for over 15 years by the organization, has previously gone to such projects as TV’s Babylon 5 and the 2009 motion picture Star Trek. Understanding that conflict and drama are the tools of storytelling, the film or TV show doesn’t necessarily have to be totally positive in its message to be considered, so long as the science, setting, and culture present somewhat realistic projections of the Foundation’s pioneering philosophy.

2010 Best Presentation of Space Award

“Best Presentation of Space” award goes to Spacevidcast.com, run by Ben Higginbotham. This site makes the past and current events in space exploration accessible to anyone with Internet access. Streaming events and interviews,SpaceVidCast.com reaches out and inspires a huge audience of armchair enthusiasts and space professionals.

“The space industry is notorious for failing to communicate exciting, hard-earned miracles to the general public,” said William Watson, Executive Director of the Foundation. “The space enthusiasts behind SpaceVidCast.com have successfully challenged this notion by creating an interactive video portal capable of virtually transporting people around the world to the factories and launch pads of NewSpace rockets.”

This award is reserved for non-fiction efforts such as journalism, documentaries, and other projects that inform and enlighten the public about space exploration and development. Prior recipients include Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3DBlack Sky: The Race for SpaceApogee Books, and Andrew Chaikin, author of A Man on the Moon.

NewSpace Awards Gala

On Saturday, July 24th, the Space Frontier Foundation will host their annual Awards Gala in Silicon Valley, CA.  Come enjoy an elegant evening filled with live music performed by the Magnolia Jazz Band, a candlelit dinner with delectable food and drinks and wonderful conversation as we celebrate the accomplishments of several successes in the private space industry.

Register now at the NewSpace 2010 Registration Page and see the award statues presented. The conference and Gala will be held at the Domain Hotel, which also provides a discounted rate for all guests attending the event. For more information, visit newspace2010.spacefrontier.org and RSVP on Facebook today.