NewSpace 2010 Conference a Resounding Success

NewSpace 2010 Conference a Resounding Success

August 23, 2010 Press Releases

Over 12,000 Space Enthusiasts Tune In OnlineNewSpace Poster

The Space Frontier Foundation’s (SFF) NewSpace 2010 Conference successfully brought together representatives from both commercial and governmental space sparking lively discussions about the future of the space industry. The hall was filled with space veterans, current industry leaders, and the younger generation who will carry forward the ideas discussed. All passionately took part in the discussions, along with over 12,000 online viewers, and the conference led to new creative partnerships and plans.

“I was excited to encounter a very diversified group of professionals at this year’s NewSpace 2010 Conference.  The group represented a wide range of aerospace industry views, both government and commercial. The conference provided an opportunity for industry leaders and visionaries to interact and discuss the latest hot topics relating to commercial space. I became a Space Frontier Foundation Advocate because the organization represents a cool new direction, and I like the collective synergy among the group.” said Tim Pickens, Commercial Space Advisor and Chief Propulsion Engineer at Dynetics, Inc.

An unprecedented number of people took part in the conference this year thanks to live streaming of the panels hosted by Over 12,000 unique viewers tuned in online to watch the panels and even sent in questions. Select video from the conference is now available online at for those that missed seeing it live. All recorded video is available for Epic subscribers.

“The NewSpace 2010 Entrepreneurial War Stories panel was really one of the best I’ve been on. I had an incredibly fun time sharing and hearing experiences of the ups and downs of running a NewSpace business.  Overall it was a useful panel and successful conference.said Debra Lepore of DFL Space LLC.

With NASA looking for increased partnership with the NewSpace industry, the NASA Roundtables became a very important part of the conference. These two panels gave everyone an opportunity to discuss the details of cooperative programs and find ways to make them better in the future.The “War Stories from the Entrepreneurial Frontier” and other business related panels gave the startup hopefuls crucial insight into managing their new and future companies. They also provided inspiration to the many students and young professionals present regarding future career opportunities. Other hot topics included orbital debris, space based solar power, and advanced space propulsion. One of the highest points of the conference was the revelry of the NewSpace Gala where rocketeer Dave Masten, NASA’s Lori Garver, NewSpace pioneer Art Dula, Moon director Duncan Jones, This Week In Space journalist Miles O’Brien, SpaceVidcast’s Ben and Cariann Higginbotham accepted their awards.

The SFF has already begun preparing for NewSpace 2011 and are seeking sponsors that are interested in being involved. The NewSpace Conference is the only event dedicated to bringing the leaders and the next generation of the commercial space industry together to create a sustainable future for NewSpace. Our sponsors are integral to achieving this goal. To become a sponsor of the conference or the SFF itself, please contact Will Watson at