Space Frontier Foundation Sponsors SpaceUp DC

Space Frontier Foundation Sponsors SpaceUp DC

August 18, 2010 Partner News, Press Releases

SpaceUp unConference Embodies the Foundation’s Frontier Enabling Spirit

The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) is proud to become a sponsor of  SpaceUp DC, an unConference to be held August 27-28, 2010. SpaceUp DC is not leaving the nation’s space program to the rocket scientists alone. Instead, the organization is inviting space enthusiasts of all types to share their thoughts, ideas, and plans for space exploration, innovation, and outreach. This all-inclusive attitude towards the final frontier is applauded by the SFF and its supporters are encouraged to attend.

“Our intent is to bring interested people together to focus on creating actionable plans for change,” said Michael Doornbos, Grand Poobah of SpaceUp DC. We need to tap the minds of entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, writers, musicians, students and enthusiasts if we intend to continue our pioneer spirit and compete globally as a leader in innovation.”

The format of SpaceUp DC is an “unConference.” This unique, intimate approach lends itself to the organization’s goals of tapping into the collective mindset and motivation of everyone more effectively than traditional prearranged speaker conferences. All attendees will be given equal opportunity to participate and collaborate on catapulting humankind into a space-faring culture. More information on the unConference concept is available in this entertaining, short video on their website.

The two-day unConference begins at 9am, Aug. 27, at George Washington University’s Funger Hall Auditorium. Tickets and additional information are available via the event website.