Space for the People

Space for the People

The NewSpace Community Speaks Out on Behalf of the 2011 NASA Budget

The Space Frontier Foundation and NewSpace community voice their support for the 2011 NASA budget put forth by the current administration and denounce the HR-5781 bill.

Share “Space for the People” and support the need for a budget focused on innovation and new enterprise, not wasting money on failed projects.

Please forward this video to your friends and colleagues, and post it on your social networks. The SFF hopes to hear loud support the 2011 NASA budget online through the spread of “Space for the People” and show that NewSpace is a force to be reckoned with.

This video was created by the Space Frontier Foundation Advocates at InSpace Productions. Interviews were conducted at the NewSpace 2010 Conference by Eva-Jane Lark/EVA Interviews.


  • Chet Twarog says:

    I do want “humanity” to expand into the Solar System but this video is another “space propaganda ‘boring’ video. I will not promote it.
    Make an exciting, realistic video that: briefly focuses on or manned/robotic accomplishments,
    with clips of SpaceX Falcon 9 or Virgin Galactic or the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie Orion spaceplane to the wheeled space station [action/adventure].
    Just don’t emphasize the self-centered arrogant “save humanity” nonsense. You need to have a pull-away space video from Spaceship Earth, the Earth-Moon system by the variety of manned/robotic spacecraft views of Earth-Moon: ISS, Apollo, and the variety of robotic spacecraft like Messenger, Dawn, Deep Impact, Rosetta, Galileo, MRO, Cassini, Voyager, etc.
    Why.. because you have to emphasis that our Earth is a unique, one-of-a-kind planet in the Universe and we are the “gods” ultimately responsible for maintaining its biodiversity and ecology w/o destroying it, limiting our own population and damages, and by expanding outward into the Solar System….
    Well, still kinda arrogant because it still focuses only on Homo sapiens… only a low % of us will colonize the Solar System who will, yes, evolve and adapt but what of all the species of Earth and the rest of humanity? Technology will never solve problems–we have to become “culturally” adapted to a limited population “mind set”, w/o war/torture/brutality–we have to evolve as a sentient, civilized species w/o religious faith in non-existent gods we created.

    • James Pura says:


      Thanks for your comment. We tried to keep as much science fiction out of this video, so that it was taken seriously (hence the lack of 2001: A Space Odyssey clips). We do in fact have clips from both Virgin Galactic and SpaceX, as you suggest.

      We also didn't want to make this a future-oriented video, since the White House's version of the 2011 NASA budget deals with the here and now, and *eventually* leading humanity into the future of space. If we made it too future-oriented, we were afraid that the response would be "yeah, that's a great future, but it's too far forward to worry about it." Don't you agree?

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  • Mark Townsend says:

    Detractors of other private enterprises in space sound like those who stayed in Europe, or those who never left Africa, because of timidity. Increasing population and technologies compel us to become multi-planetary.