Define the Future In Space:  Help the Space Frontier Foundation

Define the Future In Space: Help the Space Frontier Foundation

November 23, 2010 Opinion

A plea for support from one of our young leaders

It really doesn’t matter if it’s your job, the team you play softball with on the weekends, or the organization you volunteer for – if the people are cool enough, you’ll want to stay involved. That’s just one of the reasons why I’ve chosen to stay active within the Space Frontier Foundation for the last four years, and it may be the reason you’re connected to the Foundation as well. Rick, Bob, Jim, Will, the Board, the Advocates, and all of my fellow volunteers have the kind of contagious energy that you’ll want to stick around just to see what they do next… I’m immensely proud to be involved with this group of history makers and trail blazers, as you should be.

In college, I was an engineering student quickly falling in love with space. At the time, I thought a job for Boeing or Lockheed (and if I was lucky, NASA) was the golden ticket to my future. Asking around, that’s what everyone else was saying too – it’s all we knew. To my luck, and with a little help from my friends in SEDS, I was exposed to the concept of space as a place for all humanity – instead of a government liability – at a SFF Networking Event during ISDC 2007. An entire new world opened up to me, from that moment on my life changed, and I have been dedicated to the cause and vision of the Space Frontier Foundation. I now truly believe that I can define my future in space, instead of having space programs define it for me.

For all the Space Frontier Foundation accomplishes, its undertakings are not widely known. The more I volunteered, the more apparent Foundation activities became. We are sending teachers into space, influencing national space policy, and educating the public at large about the promising future of humanity in space. We connect entrepreneurs with investors, policy makers with visionaries, and future generations with those that have seen it all. With all the Foundation does, it’s heartbreaking to see opportunities passed all the time.

Public outreach, conferences, volunteer recruitment, networking events…these all cost money. The more involved with the Foundation I become, the more opportunities I see pass us by. Our Foundation Chairman Bob Werb was correct when he said that our volunteers, donors, entrepreneurs, and investors have made the dream of space settlement within our grasp. And as Margaret Meade said:

“Never doubt a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Help us pull the dream a little closer. This is your chance to stay involved with the Foundation – give us a little, and watch us do a lot.

We are pleased to announce that two of our largest donors have agreed to match up to $14,000 in donations made between now and December 1st. Contribute now by visiting our donation page.

Thank you in advance,

James Pura

Space Frontier Foundation Board Member & Advocate Coordinator