Happy Holidays from the Space Frontier Foundation!

Happy Holidays from the Space Frontier Foundation!

November 25, 2010 Opinion

As we approach the end of 2010, in this period of Thanksgiving and giving in general, I want to thank you for what you have given to us.

As Foundationers you have given as part of your lives and hearts to helping us begin the opening of the Frontier. You are the core of what I call the Frontier Movement, and many of you also work in or are involved with NewSpace companies and projects – the engine of our movement.

We have fought some of the hardest fights in our history this year, and we did pretty well, considering what we were up against. With a president and NASA leadership who at last are willing to give NewSpace a chance, and who are trying (again at last) to help us kick start the cycle that can create the economic opening of space, we have found ourselvesĀ thrust into the forefront of a national space policy debate.

Let’s be clear, we are out gunned, out manned and generally out of our league here when it comes to the power of the purse and political string pulling, but have done amazing things nonetheless.

We stopped a steam roller that would have pushed back many of the NewSpace initiatives put in place at NASA and forced a compromise on a very surprised bunch of pork oriented politicians in the House. Our work was so pivotal that even Deputy NASA Administrator Garver mentioned it at the recent New Mexico space conference – crediting us by name as one of the prime lead groups fighting for the cause of an open frontier in space.

So thank you. Thank you for your support in the form of writing, calling and sending out the message; thank you for standing up – even when its uncomfortable; thank you for volunteering your valuable time; and thank you for your donations, for without those dollars we can’t stay in the ring to fight the next round.

And there is another round coming. As we move into January and the new congress there is going to be concerted and major push to crush the progress we have made to develop a commercial Earth to orbit infrastructure. They are going to come at us from lots of different directions, be it insane arguments that somehow commercial space is a drain on the national budget, to parochial fights to keep local old space jobs and money flowing at the cost of future industries, to insider driven poison pill programs like the Orion project that aim to nuke commercial space station transport contracts with a government funded cost-plus system.

No one stands for the Frontier like we do. No one group in the US or even the world gets right up into the face of the enemies of future like we do. And no one combines the clear and compelling case for the reality of NewSpace with a Vision of a human race expanding into space the way we do.

Times are hard for all of us, but a hopeful future only arises based on what we do right now – even if hope is hard to come by in the present. You have a choice as to where the little money you have for doing good goes. You can choose to support band-aids or you can choose to support a new tomorrow that lifts us all.

No matter what your choice, we thank you for being one of us, and blessings to you and those you love in this amazing season of hope and light around the world.

We are pleased to announce that two of our largest donors have agreed to match up to $14,000 in donations, and have generously extended that offer until December 1st. Contribute now by visiting our donation page.

Thank you in advance,

Rick N. Tumlinson