The Frontier Family – You Are Not Alone

The Frontier Family – You Are Not Alone

November 25, 2010 Blog, Opinion, Our Non-Policy Voice

As we enter the holiday season and for a moment put aside thoughts of frontiers and battling both gravity and governments, we turn towards our families and friends and concerns that are much more….shall I say…down to Earth.

And yet it is for all of these people we do what we do. It is for them we spend time, be it a few hours a week or our entire work week focusing on this wild idea called opening the frontier. They may not understand it, and in fact each one of us will face that moment as we stand in the kitchen with our sisters and brothers or aunts and uncles, sniffing those amazing smells of simmering sauces and baking breads, that moment between plays during “the game” when the conversation turns to what we do, or that crazy project you are working on, or “Did you hear about that…” and its about space…and we are trying to explain – or not…but we are reminded of our calling.

The Space Frontier Foundation exists because you have that calling. We are here because you are here and out of billions of people on this planet have recognized and acted upon a drive inside of you that calls you to take on this incredible task.

And whether you are from a family of engineers or intellectuals or regular middle class folks (like mine) you are probably the only one in the room who “gets it” – at least the only one acting on “it”. And so we have another family as well, a different family, one that does “get it” and that is the Foundation. Cause, love em’ as we do, its nice to sometimes know there are others out there who share the particular kind of craziness with which you are infected..the kind that draws you out and into the unknown, towards a cause you can’t ever completely explain to some of them.

We are the ones who must step away from the comforting hearth and go out the door to face the unknown.

We are the ones who will never be completely comfortable on a couch, in a comfortable job, doing common things for coin and correctness. We are pioneers. We are explorers. We are the part of humanity who has the job of ranging the frontier – be it of space itself, or engineering, or policy or business. We are different, and we are unique. But we are not alone.

You can feel it when we talk to each other, when we meet at Foundation conferences and events, or at other times and places. We share a common bond, a common dream that transcends our lives and all we do in other places and times, and yet, in a way springs from our regular lives, and causes us to act on behalf of those in our blood families and the people around us, though they may not understand. Hell, sometimes we barely understand it ourselves. We are the edge seekers for the human race, a gene in us, a calling in us drives us out and forward so the domain of all humanity can expand and grow, and more families be formed in more places and the light of human caring and love be spread beyond this Earth.

And the others around us may never understand, even as we make it so. But we will, we do. And we are united in this cause by our hope, our steadfastness, our love of life and belief in destiny, and our dammed stubborn, dam the torpedoes full speed ahead we will make this thing fly or die trying commitment to opening the frontier for all of them.

And so for us the Foundation. For us the place where we can talk to, be with, be challenged by and supported by is the Foundation. And together we will push back the unknown and expand the places people like those we love can call home. For me, you are all my family, my brothers and sisters in hope and humanity who dare to stand shoulder to shoulder with me and look out into that darkness knowing it shall be lit someday by the light of life and love.

You have mine, as I know I can count on you when the going gets tough. Thank you for being here now, so we can make it possible for them to be there – when…

Happy Holidays

For Foundation and Frontier,

Rick N. Tumlinson

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