Stuck In Maryland Traffic? Buy A Lottery Ticket!

Stuck In Maryland Traffic? Buy A Lottery Ticket!

February 16, 2011 Press Releases

Getting stuck in traffic is never fun. A traffic jam by itself is a daunting thing to cope with, no matter how big of a driving lover you might be. We are well-aware of it and this is why the ATTAP was given birth to in collaboration with the Traffic Safety and Operations Laboratory located at the Maryland University, College Park. While we are working on finding a way to make traffic more fluid, here are some smart tips drivers who are still stuck in traffic can put into practice.


Stuck-In-Traffic Tip #1: Make Some Calls


You never truly have time to call your parents or long-distance relatives during the week with given your hectic work schedule. So what better opportunity to pick up the phone, put on your hands-free and hot the green button then while waiting stuck in traffic for a whole hour? You can also handle some work-related issues while you are it – you’ll enjoy more free time once you’ll reach home and make time fly by faster.


Stuck-In-Traffic Tip #2: Clean Your Car

You probably have some old paper coffee cups, chips and other leftovers lying around on the back seat. And your glove compartment hasn’t been attended in ages and you have screwdrivers next to important car papers, an old pair of glasses you don’t wear anymore and last month’s newspaper. Throw away everything you no longer need and use your small car vacuum if you got one to dust the dirt off.  

Stuck-In-Traffic Tip #3: Buy An Online Lottery Ticket  


Or a couple of tickets. If you are just days away from the next big draw, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your tickets, mark them with your favorite numbers and cross your fingers for the next big announcement. You can grab your tickets online using your smartphone or laptop if it is connected to the internet; sites like Lottery Master allow you to make secure ticket purchases from remote locations with just a few easy clicks. Look at the Euro Jackpot lottery – it currently has a huge jackpot worth 57 million Euros! Pick your 5 lucky numbers and the extra two Euro Figures or let the Lucky Dip button work its charm and automatically mark your tickets with random tickets if you need to keep an eye on the latest traffic developments. Multidraws save up between 5-18% and subscriptions bring you an extra 10% discount. Lottery results will be displayed on the same site and winners will be announced via personal emails.