A French Locksmith Produced Honey From Cannabis

A French Locksmith Produced Honey From Cannabis

April 13, 2011 Press Releases

Sometimes dedicated locksmiths can be also strongly passionate beekeepers and sometimes this mix can create new concepts in the way we normally look at bees and at herb. Actually, this incredible story will show you how important Nicolas Trainerbees’ new discovery is not only for science and medical purposes, but also in terms of a new concept of method of usage of cannabis.

A Locksmith Who Wants To Go Beyond Locksmithing

As a passionate beekeeper, the French locksmith Nicolas Trainerbees found a new way to train his bees to produce honey from cannabis. The new usage of this medical cannabis product might change much in the medical area of using cannabis. Nicolas has been studying his bees for years and finally he could come to a result: the CannaHoney. This new product brings many benefits to patients, that are a perfect match combination between honey’s and cannabis’ health benefits.

Normally, Nicolas is a locksmith, not a scientist or a doctor. In his daily work he has to confront with so many emergency situations and probably he could get a strong inspiration from some of his professional experience. Actually, locksmiths like Nicolas must be always ready to help customers who have problems with their car, house door or commercial security system.

Locksmiths In London – 24/7 Mobile Service

One of the most important features for a locksmith company is to be able to assure customers a full availability, no matter if the emergency occurs in the middle of the night or in the weekend: locksmiths must be always ready to go and fix the problem.

For this reason, locksmiths in London use the most advanced tools and technology systems. These allow them to provide customers with better and more durable services without to have to request any additional extra fees.

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Transponder Car Keys    

A large number of emergency calls concern transponder car keys. Since 15 or so years, most cars have this type of key that often times need to be reprogrammed. Visit https://azlocksmith.co.uk/mobile-locksmith-services/auto-locksmith/transponder-key/ to learn more from AZ Locksmith’s experience.

In fact, transponder car keys are part of a system which consists of key, of system installed in the ignition part of cars and of a chip which is normally placed under the plastic cover of the key head.

The key sends a radio signal to the chip in the key, when the key works in a correct way the signal is sent back to the ignition. But if the key doesn’t respond, then the transponder system in the ignition will reject it and as a result the car won’t start.

AZ Locksmith technicians are specialized in automotive services and can easily reprogram transponder car keys in a quick time.