The Space Frontier Foundation and SEDS Provide Free Copies of The High Frontier to Schools

The Space Frontier Foundation and SEDS Provide Free Copies of The High Frontier to Schools

Distribution Project will Inspire a Generation of Space Settlers

The High Frontier first edition cover

Nyack, NY –
The book that is the cornerstone of the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) philosophy is being gifted to schools at no cost by the Students for the Exploration of Space-USA (SEDS) and the SFF. The High Frontier Distribution Project aims to provide a copy of The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space by Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill to all high school and university libraries that currently don’t have a copy. The book holds an iconic vision for the modern aerospace industry and reveals the potential for long-term space settlement. In distributing it to schools, it is hoped that today’s youth will be inspired to become aerospace engineers and scientists and realize the better future in space described. Schools interested in obtaining a copy free of charge should fill out the book request form.

“I’m certain that Dr. O’Neill would be thrilled to learn that another generation was becoming acquainted with The High Frontier,” said Tasha O’Neill, co-founder of the Space Studies Institute and wife of author Gerard K. O’Neill.

When he penned The High Frontier, Princeton physicist O’Neill firmly believed that we would have a permanent foothold in orbit today and showed that the technology for large-scale live/work space settlements was already available. The book was published in 1976 and his vision has yet to come to fruition.

With the growing strength of the NewSpace industry, both the SFF and SEDS think it is the perfect time to make The High Frontier available to students so that they have a strong and positive vision of what humankind can accomplish in space as they take their place as tomorrow’s space settlers.

More information about The High Frontier Distribution Project can be found at To purchase a personal copy of The High Frontier or read a full description, visit

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