Secrets To Beating The Traffic For Your Weekend To Vegas

Secrets To Beating The Traffic For Your Weekend To Vegas

May 13, 2011 Press Releases

With over two thousand miles of a distance between Maryland and Las Vegas, it will take you more than a day to reach the gambling haven next weekend. Unless you can take a short vacation from work and relax in one of the luxurious accommodations there, do some shopping and wild gambling, chances are Maryland residents aren’t exactly tempted to travel all the way to Nevada. Plus, Maryland has plenty of land casinos hosting slot machines and live table games in cities like Flintstone, Baltimore, Worcester, or Anne Arundel to name just a few. Some casinos here even feature World Series of Poker-branded poker rooms – so the local have plenty of reasons to fuel up for shorter driving distances during the weekends they’re feeling lucky. For those of you who want to experience the real deal – a longer trip to Sin City – or a shorter drive to a nearby brick-and-mortar casino, these next few tips on how to beat the traffic should fit like a glove.


Plan Your Route Ahead

Go online and search for the shortest recommended route possible; your main purpose is to get there safe and fast so you can start enjoying your gambling hobby. Avoid slow-downs – road closures are likely to pop up during your exciting weekend, so inquire about all of them before you leave and plan accordingly. If you will leave on a Friday, chances are you will land right in the middle of a nasty rush hour. The ATTAP team recommends you carefully anticipate the duration of your drive – specialized sites and apps will help you do that, and your GPS is handy also – and add a couple of extra hours to that just so you are not forced to push the pedal to the medal.

Prepare A Backup Plan

Make sure your car is up and running – get it checked to prevent undesired breakdowns in the middle of the highway. Fuel up a day or two before the drive; and if something is to go wrong, don’t let it stop you from still enjoying a fun gambling weekend. There are plenty of online sites that open their arms to passionate players who just like you cannot reach land casinos. You can visit here – the onlinetopcasino site makes for a good example of a venue where you can play your favorite games of blackjack in a 100% safe and advantageous environment. Look at the reviewed and recommended casinos there and read some extra tips if you feel like you need to and make your pick – the welcome bonuses coming your way should make your change of plans worthwhile.