NewSpace Awards Gala Honors the Stars of Commercial Space

NewSpace Awards Gala Honors the Stars of Commercial Space

July 14, 2011 Press Releases

The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) honors the following awardees and thank them for their contributions to NewSpace. These winners strengthen the commercial space community through business, entertainment, and media. Without their hard work, the industry would not be as amazing as it is today. Cheer them on as they receive their awards, as well as find out the winners of the NewSpace Business Plan Competition and We-Are-Space Video Contest at the NewSpace Awards Gala. Limited tickets are available online now! The NewSpace Awards Gala will take place Saturday night, July 30th, and is the featured event of the NewSpace 2011 Conference.

Without further ado, the winners of the 2011 NewSpace  Awards are…

Presentation of Space Award: Yuri’s Night

The Yuri’s Night phenomenon has swept the globe and brought together thousands to celebrate Yuri Gagarin opening the final frontier. Organizers Loretta Hidalgo-Whitesides and Ryan Kobrick bring renewed spirit, celebration, education, and entertainment to the event. Through their shared passion, people around the world are drawn into the wonder and excitement of spaceflight. It truly was the World’s Space Party in 2011.

For outstanding achievement in highlighting past and present events in space exploration and development, this award is for excellence in non-fiction efforts, such as documentaries and other projects to inform and enlighten the public. Former recipients of this award include the 2008 movie Orphans of Apollo, Vanna Bonta’s The Universe: Sex In Space in 2009, and Ben Higginbotham’s in 2010.

Vision of the Future Award: Live Free or Die (Troy Rising) by John Ringo

Live Free or Die (Troy Rising) by John Ringo is a space opera that paints a picture of a future in space where humanity has been welcomed into the galactic community by a race of aliens whose intentions turn out less than ambassadorial. Within this fantastic story, the SFF’s vision of a commercialized space economy is represented in a way sure to inspire all.

This award is for outstanding achievement in presenting the possibilities of the space frontier to the general public. It is awarded to a future-oriented, entertainment, or media-related project (i.e. film, TV, radio, literature), primarily in the science FICTION genre. Other past award winners include the creative team of Babylon V for using a derivative of an O’Neill colony as its base and their consistent attempts to portray life in space in a realistic manner. The folks at Deep Space Nine are also awardees for their depiction of a solar sail in action.

Vision to Reality Award: Nanoracks

Nanoracks is a huge success having flown their privately built equipment on the ISS to assist in the monitoring of experiments. They’ve shown that NewSpace companies can not only further science but also be financially sound. Their business model is an inspiration to commercial space entrepreneurs everywhere.

This award is for outstanding achievement in the development and operation of a device, system, or entity that forwards the opening of the Space Frontier. The winners must actually have succeeded in reaching their goal, rather than just planned it. Nanoracks joins an elite club. The first winners of this award were the founders of the International Space University which is still an operating institution. Dennis Tito took the award in 2001 for becoming world’s first citizen space explorer. In 2004, Burt Rutan accepted the Award on behalf of the team at Scaled Composites for flying the first private human-piloted spaceship into space.

NewSpace Journalism Award: Rand Simberg

This year’s award goes to Rand Simberg for his Space Policy channel on YouTube. Simberg has been following and writing about NewSpace since its inception. His new set of videos aptly reveal just how ridiculous the current space debates are. Both relevant and informative, these videos present the complex web of space policy in a way that is simple to understand and yet highly entertaining!

Journalists who have shown outstanding ability to convey the developments in NewSpace are honored with the NewSpace Journalism Award. This award has gone to journalists Jeff Foust, Alan Boyle of MSNBC, and Dr. David Livingston of The Space Show. 2009’s winner was Charles Lurio for The Lurio Report, and 2010’s winner was Miles O’Brien for This Week In Space.

Service to the Frontier Award: Ryan Stuit and Kyle Schember of InSpace

The InSpace team is relatively new to the Foundation, and yet they lead the way with artistic vision for the conference artwork and their two inspirational videos Space for the People and The Future of Space. The Foundation sincerely owes this dynamic duo a huge amount of gratitude for their amazing work.

This award calls upon the Advocates to look amongst themselves for outstanding achievement in volunteer service to the Space Frontier Foundation. Outstanding advocates who have received recognition previously include Charles Miller, Ed Wright, Brook Mantia, Erin Medlicott, Robert Noteboom, Mike Heney, Rich Pournelle, Robin Snelson, and Vanna Bonta.

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  • 567 events
    75 countries
    7 continents
    3 worlds
    1 Team: This is Yuri's Night. Started in 2001 by Loretta Hidalgo and George Whitesides, Yuri's Night has completed 10 years of inspiring a new generation to dream, explore, and celebrate humanity's past and future achievements in space.

    Yuri's Night team members have grown up to be CoFounder of Astronauts for hire Board member of the Space Frontier Foundation Committee Chair at National Space Society Flight Director for Zero Gravity CEO of Virgin Galactic

    More than just a party, Yuri's night events have featured interactive art and science installations, robotics, luminous costumes, live performances, podcasts, webstreaming, and viral video.

    Tonite I'm delighted to present the 2011 Best Presentation of NewSpace Award to my Yuri's Night Teammates.

    Joining us by Video,
    Executive Director Dr. Ryan Kobrick

    And accepting the award on his behalf,
    Assistant Director Brice Russ. Congratulations!!!

    Elizabeth Kennick
    Producer, Yuri's Night NY
    Board Member, Space Frontier Foundation
    Producer, TEDxMidTownNY

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