Science Funding System – When Lotto Is A Timely Resource

Science Funding System – When Lotto Is A Timely Resource

July 13, 2011 Press Releases

In the current financial situation, even governments have big difficulties in finding necessary funding for supporting specific research, scientific institutes and engineering centers. Once it was pretty easier to store funds to help science and research growing, supporting these fields of human knowledge and progress with all the necessary tools, machines and financial resources.

Lottery For Scientific Growth. Why Not?

Today, on the contrary, even the American government finds some difficulty in affording a competitive research activity. Space and aerospace researches depend more and more on private funding from wealthy investors or groups of investments and, why not?, sometimes even on State lotteries.

Actually, we all know that lotteries are the easiest and most effective way to raise urgent funds for helping people after natural disasters or who are in conditions of serious need. In the same way, lotteries are also a great tool for local administrations in order to raise funds for public services and other local activities that are meant to improve the quality of life in the place, without to mention that in most of cases, revenues from State lotteries come to help even space and scientific studies, researches and specialized centers.

Super EnalottoLotteries In People’s Mentality

It’s not that hard to imagine that lotteries play an important role in the way most people look at the world they live in: lotteries are also organized to raise funds for humanitarian purposes. This familiarity with lotteries makes people more likely to buy a couple-dollar ticket and wait for the draw results.

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This is a really good question and also one of the most frequently asked ones.

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