Communicate Change, Not Just Static: Donate Now!

Communicate Change, Not Just Static: Donate Now!

November 23, 2011 Opinion

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Look, however I put it, all of the above are true. If I have already touched you with my delicate rhetoric then do one of these and you can flip off of this note and get back to YouTube or Facebook to see what is happening in our world today.

Maybe another scandal, (who knew people had sex!?), or another revolution with close in shots of bloody faced rioters screaming at cops! Click.

There’s that rascal Kutcher again! Ohh, and what’s Kardashian doing now? Check out that cleavage! Click.

No, I think Ryan Gosling is the sexiest man alive! What do you mean pizza is a vegetable? Turkey can cure cancer? Really? Only 19% deductible if I act now? The icecaps are melting next Wednesday? Does that mean we have to cancel our recording of Santa and the Magic iBook? Click.

A puppy dressed as an elf? A Puppy Dressed As An Elf!

Yes, we have gotten damn good at communicating. Yes, some of what we have to say is true and some is, well, static re-arranged as meaning. (I call this “staticom”). Either way, we still talk about it. Heck, we will talk about anything, literally anything, because we can. We are all wired in to each other as never before. Within a couple of years the first wired implants will probably be announced and you will be able to answer the cell phone in your head and search Google on the inner lens of your eye. Information, communication, information, communication. It is all and everywhere.

And yet, what are we talking about? What is the content of all this staticom? Not much really and a large part of it is a bit depressing when you get down to it. But in the middle of all that noise… somewhere between the puppy dressed as an elf and the latest congressional trash conference… there will be a shot of a spaceship docking with a space station, or the launch of the latest probe to explore a new world, or the announcement that you will be able to fly in space yourself soon. Then a funny thing happens if you are anything like me:

All the staticom goes away.

You zone out the rest of the noise and for a moment you are in a place where dreams happen. That tiny momentary image or vid transports you instantly to a place where the future is alive, where space ships waft between worlds, and the unknown becomes the news. The best of humanity and life fill the waves and wires as we blow open the airlock into a new frontier.

And then you are back to your regular programming. Yes, five minute still saves you fifty bucks, the autopsy episode you must watch is on at 9 o’clock, and a celebrity twisted her ankle on Spinning with the Stars.

But for a moment, you were there. You transcended meaninglessness and it all made sense. The noise, the chatter, it didn’t matter. We are going to the Stars! Our feet may be in the mud, our daily lives lost in the mundane matters of now and yesterday, but tomorrow is calling.

Answer the call.

As a supporter of the Space Frontier Foundation you enable that tomorrow to become real. We aren’t the biggest space organization on Earth, nor the slickest, nor the youngest or hippest. But we have made a difference, made things change and made your chance of entering space one step closer to reality. Over 20 years ago we stood up and declared a new direction for the opening of space. We dared challenge those who would rather substitute spectacle for success and theater for accomplishment, who would rather you sit back and watch them spend your money instead of giving you a chance to go into space yourself. To do something rather than watch something. To create rather than converse. To get involved, get out of your chair and get out there.

We have been called “pound for pound the most effective space organization on Earth.” As recently as last week a major figure in the publishing world said to me that we in the Foundation should take credit for leading the change of the largest space program on Earth, and that although most people don’t know it, we are the group that has set the stage and made it happen.

I know we can’t take all the credit, but of all the groups and people out there fighting this cause, those who are consistent and credible can be found in or near the Space Frontier Foundation. They come to our conferences, read our words, party at our parties and join our many battles against those who would deny us destiny. They benefited from our defense of their ideas, their businesses and their plans. They became participants in this cause, this grand push outwards that has just barely, barely begun, because we are here and we will not step away from our desire to go there.

If you want to chatter about what doesn’t matter go ahead. We all do it. Life isn’t all about the grand and the important. But if you want to help us do something grand and important, if you want to know that you are not just sharing static and actually do something to give this life meaning, then press that button, click on that donation tab, write that check.

You won’t save 15%, you wont help re-elect another do nothing congress person, and you won’t be signing up for free weekly downloads of puppy’s with elf ears, but you will be helping us make sure that the dream of a free and open frontier in space is one step closer. That our giant leap into beginning our space settling civilization is going to occur in your lifetime.

And the next time you hear about the latest rocketship that will carry you and your kids into space, or the next plans you see for a human mission to Mars or the Moon, or plans to build places in between, you can smile and know you aren’t just another consumer of constant communication, you’re helping give them something to talk about.

Tax-deductible donations can be made at You!

Download complete…

Rick Tumlinson
Co-Founder, Space Frontier Foundation