This World Stresses You Out? Move To Another World: Mars Is There For You!

This World Stresses You Out? Move To Another World: Mars Is There For You!

November 16, 2011 Blog

Everyday tasks to do, things to say, things to buy, trains to catch just at the last minute, running in a hurry everywhere… yeah, we know that this might be the faithful description of an ordinary stressful life style. It’s not easy and not funny at all, but it’s the type of life that thousands of people do experience every day, especially in the most crowded and important metros of the world: Beijing, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Milan and many more metros.

Mars planet's surfaceBy 2060 1M Humans Could Be Living On Mars

Let’s admit that often times we would rather live nowhere on Earth and move as far away from this hectic lifestyle as possible!

If you don’t mind burning all your bridges, then Mars may be the ultimate solution for you: in fact, Elon Musk thinks that by the 2060s (it’s just in 43 years!) about 1 million humans may be living on the Red Planet, on Mars – this is what the National Geographic reports in a recent article about space and science.

We don’t know how living in Mars will be possible, but according to Musk it’s going to be a less stressful experience. A self-sustaining colony will be growing on Mars. In order to get to the other planet, people will use crew-carrying capsules and leave every 26 months (when Earth and Mars will be in a favorable planetary alignment).

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Actually, playing online games helps reducing stress and improving specific skills that will upgrade your overall quality of life. We found this interesting piece where you may want to read more about games and their positive impact on people’s mind and stress levels.

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