Can Winning The Lottery Pay For Your Spot On Mars?

Can Winning The Lottery Pay For Your Spot On Mars?

December 14, 2011 Press Releases

Some folks think the next giant leap for mankind will be the colonization of the Moon. But how much do you think it would cost to actually afford to go live on our celestial neighborhood? What about Mars? The estimates for the Moon journey and accommodation speak of around $36 billion. However, this amount does not include all of the specific details of such a mind-blowing trip. If you are familiar with the Mars One project, you must already know that this is a foundation that has been organized in order to establish the very first human settlements on Mars. And it is also raising funds for the first Mars colonization.

Winning the lottery could help you land a spot on the Mars establishment, or at leats help you support the project.

The Mars One Project

Mars is located 140 million miles from Earth, which means the people who would travel and settle there would most likely never come back to Earth again. Demo orbiters and rovers meant to reveal the Earth-Mars communication difficulties are all part of the same project. In 2020, after having successfully established the location of the settlement modules, the first habitat units and an extra rover would be sent there, and a year later the construction of the settlement would be initiated. Or, at least, these were the estimated dates and steps of the process. Unfortunately, the lack of sufficient funding is pushing back the project by a few years. Nevertheless, donations are still being received for the project, and the Mars One project has received over $906,000 since 2013 in December. But this amount solely represents around 0.015% of the amount that is actually needed.

Winning a few hundred millions of dollars while playing Euromillions or another huge European or American lottery could turn you into a precious donor. However…

How Small Are The Odds Of Winning The Lottery? sell lotto tickets online

Smaller than the human brain has the ability to comprehend, according to studies in the field. For example, the popular EuroMillions game that is preferred by most citizens of the Old Continent gives players a one in 139,838,160 change of winning the grand jackpot. Nevertheless, the game continues to capture the interest of a large number of people week after week. And the development of a large number of online lottery platforms like is proof of the extend of this public interest for the game of lottery featuring jackpots worth €61,000,000 at the time this article was written. This is a life-changing prize right there; but does it have the power to change your life on Earth as you knew it, and send you all the way to Mars?

The biggest lotteries on this planet do feature some of the smallest odds of winning; as a matter of fact, you have greater changes of being bitten by a shark, falling out of sky from a plane, or being hit by a deadly lighting than winning a jackpot. Nevertheless, people do win. How do they do it? Not by cheating, if this is your first thought. And they do not use any special, out-of-this world skills or tricks to play either. Lotteries rely exclusively on food luck and chance. There is no telling when the numbers you have been playing your entire life will come up. The Mars One project could be initiated thanks to a $2 lotto ticket bought online on a lazy Saturday afternoon.