Donate Now for the Future of the Space Frontier Foundation!

Donate Now for the Future of the Space Frontier Foundation!

December 13, 2011 Opinion

The Foundation made great strides in 2011 and the plan for 2012 is in place.

We just need your support to make it happen.


If the Space Frontier Foundation is making a difference, it should be measurable and visible for all to see. We should be able to hang our hat on it. When our business associates, friends and family ask us, “What does that Foundation do anyway? Why are you involved with them?” we should be able to fire a list of things back and be proud. I present to you a partial list on what we’ve been up to this past year and a couple of other things we’re working on that I’m excited about:

Teachers In Space: Our goal is to have thousands of astronaut teachers sharing their spaceflight experiences and inspiring the future of the space industry workforce. The results are showing. We’ve got our 7 “Pathfinder” teachers trained and ready to go to space as soon as the spacecraft is ready. We’ve held 5 workshops for a carefully selected group of 110 teachers across the country and presented curriculum that they could take back to their classes. We also have workshops planned for 2012 in the fields of suborbital aviation & astronautics, suborbital experimental flight design and space medicine & human factors. One day soon we’ll be able to say that we’ve flown 1000 teachers into space, developed a program and curriculum that those teachers can use once they’re back in the classroom, and that curriculum has been taught to 100,000 students!

NewSpace Conference: In July, we held the best NewSpace Conference to-date with approximately 400 attendees, including the most influential thinkers in the NewSpace industry. Our goal for the annual project is to push the industry to new heights and to let everyone know that NewSpace is here to stay, which I’d say this conference definitely accomplished. For the first time, we had the leaders of NASA Headquarters and 4 NASA Centers in attendance. Our message of a free space enterprise is being heard loud and clear, and cooperation between civil space and private space is now being talked about freely. Unfortunately, it hasn’t turned into pro-settlement legislation quite yet, so we have our work cut out for us. Together with your support, we won’t quit though until it does.

Business Plan Competition: The Foundation is leading the charge in supporting the creation of entrepreneurial space companies. Altius Space Machines, Celestial Circuits and Final Frontier Design saw this first-hand when we awarded them a 1st place prize of $25,000, 2nd place prize of $5000, and 3rd place prize of $2500 respectively to get their businesses off the ground. Though this was the most we’ve given out to date, it’s not enough and we hope to be able to give out even more in future years.

So, would you say that 2011 has been a success? Would you like to see us do more? We have the plan in place to do more. Here’s a couple of things in the pipeline that I’m excited to see:

Litmus Test: The goal here is to have a tool to compare all future space-related legislation to the Foundation’s vision for the future of space. Questions like “Does this policy use the resources of space in a smart, sustainable way?” or “Does the oversight of this policy have a reliable framework so that it’s properly executed?” will make it perfectly clear in future years why the Foundation is for or against a certain piece of legislation.

Quarterly Report: A public report we can post on the website quarterly that includes everything the Foundation is currently up to. This will keep supporters like you informed on our progress, where we need further assistance, and new projects. It may seem like a simple addition but regularly producing a comprehensive and professional report takes significant time and effort to coordinate all our project management teams. This snapshot of the Foundation’s activities will be useful in the years to come when looking back on the progress we’ve made.

Space Architecture: We’re currently strengthening our relationship with the space architecture community, which began with space architecture-related exhibits at NewSpace 2011. This is just scratching the surface of what this partnership could accomplish and we’re hoping to take this to the next level in 2012. After all, what’s the use in focusing all our energy on spaceships if these vessels have nowhere to park?

We need your help to keep moving these projects forward. Please donate today if you want your kid to be taught by an astronaut teacher, to support the creation of new entrepreneurial space businesses, or to see pro-settlement legislation. The Space Frontier Foundation can make it happen.

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Thank You!
James Pura
Foundation Advocate Coordinator & Member of the Board of Directors