Hoping for a Holiday in Space!

Hoping for a Holiday in Space!

December 21, 2011 Blog, Opinion

The SFF family is wishing they could spend the holidays in space.

Help make our wish come true!


Single Note“I’m dreamin’ of a Spaaaace Christmas…”

(Well, that’s how we think it should go)

Some of our volunteers want nothing more than to see how a lit menorah looks in zero-G. Others eagerly await the problem of how to convince their kids that Santa can make it to the Mars settlements. They also wonder, “When do you celebrate the New Year in another orbit?” Such dreams of space settlement are at the core of what we do at the Space Frontier Foundation and our many hard-working volunteers deserve to have this dream come true.

Flame in microgravity
image courtesy of NASA

This holiday please give a gift to our volunteers and yourself by donating to the Space Frontier Foundation. You’ll be supporting a future where we have to figure out how to get a Christmas tree to the moon. A future where all science teachers are expected to have experienced spaceflight, buying a spaceline ticket is done on Orbitz, and ‘asteroid miner’ is a common job description. So after hanging up your geeky space ornaments (we admit to having several), visit spacefrontier.org/donate.

As a part of the SFF network, you also wish for space activities to increase so ask your friends and family to donate as a gift to you! It is an easy and unique solution for those last-minute shoppers looking to avoid the boring, terrestrial malls! It also makes a good gift for your space-enthusiastic friends.

Don’t forget that all donations are tax-deductible for 2011. With Congress cutting funding to commercial crew programs, why give them more tax money to divert? Spend it at the SFF instead, and we’ll keep working hard to support policy and budgets that get us permanently into space.

Make our holiday wishes come true and donate now. Tax-deductible donations can be made at spacefrontier.org/donate.

Thank You and Happy Holidays from all of us at the Space Frontier Foundation!

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  • Glen L. Jackson says:

    I expect that when humans settle on Mars, Mars will have its own holidays. Mars Landing Day will probably be one of them. New Years Day, Mars Landing Day, and most other Martian holidays will be by the Mars calendar, so each holiday will occur on Mars little more than half as often as it occurs on Earth. Mars will probably have more holidays per Martian year than Earth has per Earth year to compensate. One holiday that I expect will occur on Mars at the same time it does on Earth is Christmas. So most Martian years will have two Christmases. A Martian year with Christmas in the middle of the year will have only one Christmas.